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Naval experience paved the way for ME alum

While many college students gain first-hand engineering experience through internships and co-ops, Ryan Williams was gaining this experience before he even stepped foot on campus. Williams served as an aviation structural mechanic for the U.S. Navy after high school which taught him how hydraulic systems and flight control components work together to put an aircraft …Continue reading “Naval experience paved the way for ME alum”

ME student learns engineering from a German perspective

Learning about engineering in another country is an effective way to become a better-rounded engineer, according to one student. Tim Dorn, a junior in mechanical engineering, spent his spring 2019 semester and his summer studying abroad at Hochschule Mannheim in southwest Germany. He said that through this experience he noticed the differences in the cultures …Continue reading “ME student learns engineering from a German perspective”

ISU CCEE faculty member celebrates 60th anniversary with Lanzhou Jiaotong University

Environmental Engineering Associate Professor Timothy (Tim) Ellis participated this month in the 60th anniversary of Lanzhou Jiaotong University (LZJTU) in China. Ellis is a faculty member in Iowa State University’s Department of Civil, Construction and Environmental Engineering (ISU CCEE). Ellis gave a speech at the celebration of the anniversary. Along with fellow ISU faculty members, …Continue reading “ISU CCEE faculty member celebrates 60th anniversary with Lanzhou Jiaotong University”

Engineering students take learning global with Great Britain study abroad

Transportation engineering course caps off with trips to Scotland, London Young engineers got a glimpse of medieval and modern engineering practices last month during a nearly two-week study abroad experience in Great Britain. The group of 25 civil and construction engineering students from Iowa State University (ISU) toured sites in Scotland and England for the course …Continue reading “Engineering students take learning global with Great Britain study abroad”

Expand your Materials Engineering Learning Abroad

The world has much to offer including beautiful landscapes, vibrant cultures, learning experiences, and wild and serene adventure. Many students and faculty in materials science and engineering at Iowa State have sought out education and new experiences abroad. The Department of Materials Science and Engineering has two summer study abroad programs that give students the …Continue reading “Expand your Materials Engineering Learning Abroad”

ME lecturer focuses on engaging undergraduate students

As a young student in her home country of Italy, Paola Pittoni remembers it was strong teachers that had the greatest impact on her. Now as a mechanical engineering lecturer herself, Pittoni hopes that she can leave just as lasting an impact on her students. “The reason I wanted to be a lecturer is because …Continue reading “ME lecturer focuses on engaging undergraduate students”

Discovering new ways of learning abroad

Tyler Miller didn’t always know what his path in college would be. Growing up in the small town of Northfield, Minnesota, Miller knew he wanted to do something in the sciences. When it came time to make a decision, Miller turned to his parents who gave him guidance that led him to Iowa State.

Making the most of her adventure

Leslie Harder, a senior in chemical engineering with a minor in food science, grew up in the small town of Swisher, Iowa. Throughout her life, Harder’s parents have encouraged by her parents to try new things. She’s participated in dance, soccer, and everything in between and graduated near the top of her class with two recognitions: National Honor Society and Science National Honor Society.

Transportation engineering takes students, faculty to Rome

When it comes to engineering, Chris Williams knows history tends to lead to Rome. “Engineering in its infancy started back in B.C.” the Gerald and Audrey Olson Professor in Civil Engineering explained. “If you look at Greek and Roman societies, that’s how they flourished and grew. It was because of those basic engineering principles.” So …Continue reading “Transportation engineering takes students, faculty to Rome”

Engineering a Nicaraguan adventure

In Nicaragua, they have a saying, “Que le vaya bien,” which means “may you travel well.” For a few Iowa State engineering students, their travels to Nicaragua for a design course went beyond what they ever could have imagined. That’s because while they were there, they had the opportunity to impact the lives of Nicaraguans for the better.

Study abroad trip advances knowledge about water treatment

Civil engineering junior Michael Colby enjoys his adventure in Singapore While a love of traveling and experiencing new cultures encouraged Michael Colby to study abroad in spring 2014, the four engineering classes he took in Singapore gave him a glimpse into what he wants to do with his future. Colby’s favorite class focused on water …Continue reading “Study abroad trip advances knowledge about water treatment”

Gilman Scholarship aids Maluwelmeng’s research internship in Germany

The bi-annual Gilman Scholarship Program named Connie Maluwelmeng, a junior in electrical engineering and mathematics from Guam, as one of the 2014 summer finalists to receive financial aid to study abroad. Maluwelmeng will complete an internship at RWTH Aachen University in Germany, researching solar power. By supporting undergraduate students who might resist going abroad because …Continue reading “Gilman Scholarship aids Maluwelmeng’s research internship in Germany”