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Serving his country by teaching armed service members

Ben McFarland was inspired by the good teachers he had as a student at Iowa State University and now he’s looking to pay it forward in his capacity as a college instructor. McFarland grew up in Nevada, Iowa and developed an interest in STEM at an early age because of his father, Pat, who worked …Continue reading “Serving his country by teaching armed service members”

Vardeman to retire after nearly four decades at Iowa State University

Longtime Iowa State University faculty member Steve Vardeman officially retired at the conclusion of the 2020-21 school year. Vardeman first joined the Iowa State University faculty as an assistant professor of statistics in 1981. He became an associate professor in 1983 and in 1985 joined the industrial engineering (IE) department, serving appointments in both statistics …Continue reading “Vardeman to retire after nearly four decades at Iowa State University”

Naval experience paved the way for ME alum

While many college students gain first-hand engineering experience through internships and co-ops, Ryan Williams was gaining this experience before he even stepped foot on campus. Williams served as an aviation structural mechanic for the U.S. Navy after high school which taught him how hydraulic systems and flight control components work together to put an aircraft …Continue reading “Naval experience paved the way for ME alum”

Bringing research expertise in fluids and energy

Incoming mechanical engineering faculty member looks to establish a research niche combining fluids and energy at Iowa State University Returning to Ames and conducting research at Iowa State University will be something of a homecoming for incoming mechanical engineering faculty member. Todd Kingston grew up in North Bend, Nebraska, about three hours west of Ames. …Continue reading “Bringing research expertise in fluids and energy”

Liggett Family Legacy – Part IV: Ian Liggett

A 1999 article in Visions magazine, produced by the Iowa State University Alumni Association, informed many aspects of the reporting in this four-part series Even though he was the fourth generation from his family to attend Iowa State, Ian Liggett did so because he liked the university, not because he wanted to be carry on …Continue reading “Liggett Family Legacy – Part IV: Ian Liggett”

Collins is selected to collaborate in a research program for US Navy

Peter Collins, associate professor in the Department of Materials Science and Engineering, was selected to be a collaborator in a Multidisciplinary University Research Initiative (MURI) program for the United States Navy. The team of collaborators will focus on properties, defects, and instabilities in advanced manufactured alloys, an area of great importance to the Navy. The …Continue reading “Collins is selected to collaborate in a research program for US Navy”

ME alum awarded William H. Webb Medal for 2017

Bruce Johnson (BSME’55) has been named the 2017 recipient of the William H. Webb Medal. The award is bestowed upon those who exhibit outstanding contributions to education in the fields of naval architecture, marine, or ocean engineering. Johnson graduated from Iowa State with a bachelor of science in mechanical engineering in 1955. While in Ames …Continue reading “ME alum awarded William H. Webb Medal for 2017”

Ryan Betters: Preparing for a civil engineering career in the U.S. Navy

For Iowa State University civil engineering senior Ryan Betters, enlisting in the U.S. Navy has become a family affair. Both of Betters’ parents were in the Navy. His father was a petty officer second class who maintained F-14 Tomcat fighter jets. His mother was an aviation electrician. “It was always in the back of my …Continue reading “Ryan Betters: Preparing for a civil engineering career in the U.S. Navy”

Real-world experience from Capstone Design

At the College of Engineering, offering students real-world experience is a top priority. In addition to encouraging the over 80 percent of students who complete an internship or co-op, the college requires students to take Capstone Design, providing excellent hands-on opportunities that prepare them to work in industry. Capstone Design was created to bring together …Continue reading “Real-world experience from Capstone Design”

Hashemi is the new William March Scholar in Mechanical Engineering

Growing up in Tehran, Iran, Nicole Hashemi attended Farzanegan School, a group of schools created to educate talented young students. Administered by the National Organization for Development of Exceptional Talents, the schools challenge middle school and high school students with college-level study of academic subjects. Her strong educational background and interest in hard sciences eventually …Continue reading “Hashemi is the new William March Scholar in Mechanical Engineering”

From the Navy to the classroom

After 25 years in the Navy, retired naval flight officer and adjunct assistant professor of naval science David Asjes is preparing to begin a new career. The insights he picked up through his honorable service to the country will inform his latest mission: helping mechanical engineering students at Iowa State learn about dynamic systems and …Continue reading “From the Navy to the classroom”

Research updates

In the past few months, College of Engineering researchers on three projects—one on novel nanovaccines, one on new wind turbine structures, and another on energy and transportation infrastructure planning—have reached key milestones in their research. Here are some highlights: Making one-dose, needle-free nanovaccines for infectious diseases Can you imagine a world where diseases such as …Continue reading “Research updates”

EE alum honored with namesake U.S. Navy ship

Iowa State University alumnus Howard Otto Lorenzen, known as the “Father of Electronic Warfare” for his breakthrough work at the Naval Research Laboratory, has been memorialized with the launch of a new U.S. Navy ship. Christened June 26 in Pascagoula, Miss., the USNS Howard O. Lorenzen is the second ship in U.S. Navy history to …Continue reading “EE alum honored with namesake U.S. Navy ship”