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Valery Levitas’ unique laboratory study leads to inclusion in one of the world’s leading scientific academies

The European Academy of Sciences and Arts has elected Valery Levitas of Iowa State’s Department of Aerospace Engineering to its Technical and Environmental Sciences division.

Davarnia receives NSF CAREER award, his second early career award in two years

Danial Davarnia, assistant professor of industrial and manufacturing systems engineering, has received a National Science Foundation (NSF) CAREER Award for research of efficient scalable methods for solving large-scale network optimization problems.

NSF CAREER Award will support Sheidaei microstructural materials research for many applications

Department of Aerospace Engineering assistant professor Azadeh Sheidaei’s research in microstructural materials has been recognized by the National Science Foundation (NSF) with the NSF CAREER Award.

New Soft Matter Electrostatic Levitator makes possible world’s first neutron scattering on levitated salt solution droplets up to extreme supersaturation

John Jonghyun Lee, assistant professor of mechanical engineering, led research that demonstrated the world’s first neutron scattering on levitated salt solution droplets up to extreme supersaturation. The team used a novel instrument they designed called a Soft Matter Electrostatic Levitator (SEL), integrated into the Department of Energy’s Oak Ridge National Laboratory’s High Flux Isotope Reactor’s WAND2 facility.

“Revolutionary” multi-material for light-based 3D printing

Adarsh Krishnamurthy co-leads a new $800,000 project to identify and study single resins that can create different materials and properties – such as stiffness – when exposed to different light wavelengths.

“We want to produce two material properties with the same resin. That’s revolutionary in terms of materials for Digital Light Processing 3D printing,” said Krishnamurthy.

New REMADE project: Eco-friendly strategies to remove metal corrosion

Yiliang (Leon) Liao, associate professor of industrial engineering, leads a new project to develop hybrid laser surface processing technology that will be an easy-to-use, highly controllable and eco-friendly solution for metallic surface remanufacturing. The work is supported by $880,000 in funding from the Clean Energy Manufacturing Innovation Institute for Reducing Embodied Energy and Decreasing Emissions (REMADE).

Shao and Bardhan: Two faculty members in Chemical and Biological Engineering will see research advances with new appointments to professorships

CBE faculty members Zengyi Shao and Rizia Bardhan have been named to two important professorships.

Four-year, $14 million grant to design a national testing facility to simulate tornadoes, downbursts and gusts

A team led by Cyclone Engineer Partha Sarkar has won a four-year, $14 million grant to design a national testing facility that will simulate tornadoes and other windstorms. Experiments will measure the loads that windstorms exert on structures and help researchers engineer building improvements.

Quantum mechanics and machine learning: Qi An is unlocking the secrets of strong and ductile materials 

Qi An focuses on using quantum mechanics and data-based computational methods to study materials science. In recent studies conducted by An and his team, significant progress was made in the field of ceramics. One of their works focused on improving the ductility of superhard materials. Normally, these materials have high strength but limited plasticity.