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From delivering groceries to climbing the career ladder with Deere

Growing up, John Lawson thought he would eventually take over the family grocery store. However, his father inspired him to pursue a different career path. In his youth, Lawson spent many hours working for his family’s downtown Moline, Illinois, grocery store, and fondly remembers delivering groceries to customers’ homes. He figured he would eventually become …Continue reading “From delivering groceries to climbing the career ladder with Deere”

ME student learns engineering from a German perspective

Learning about engineering in another country is an effective way to become a better-rounded engineer, according to one student. Tim Dorn, a junior in mechanical engineering, spent his spring 2019 semester and his summer studying abroad at Hochschule Mannheim in southwest Germany. He said that through this experience he noticed the differences in the cultures …Continue reading “ME student learns engineering from a German perspective”

MSE undergraduates gain research experiences abroad

Undergraduates can gain research experience on campus and abroad, especially with the help of Steve Martin, distinguished professor of materials science and engineering at Iowa State University. This summer, Adriana Joyce, senior in materials engineering, traveled to the Institute of Ceramics and Glass, one of 130 centers belonging to the State Agency’s Superior Council of Scientific Research in Madrid, Spain. …Continue reading “MSE undergraduates gain research experiences abroad”

Faas finds her fit at MIT

Iowa State alumna Daniela Faas has had an enthralling journey that began with a move from Germany to the US as a teen, beginning what she calls her own version of the “American Dream.” That dream has included excellent education and research opportunities that have taken her places she never envisioned, and ultimately landed her …Continue reading “Faas finds her fit at MIT”