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Kejin Wang: Elevating the world of engineering and inspiring future generations

Kejin Wang, professor in construction engineering, says doing what you love is the key to success. Her unwavering passion for her field has earned her the title of distinguished professor, the first woman to ever receive this honor in the Department of Civil, Construction and Environmental Engineering.

Changing the Narrative: Distinguished CCEE Alumna Beth Duyvejonck is Building a Better Future for Women in Construction

For more than two decades, Beth Duyvejonck, 1997 Department of Civil, Construction and Environmental Engineering (CCEE) graduate, has focused passionately on building a better future for women in the construction industry.

Addressing Environmental Injustice with Pathogen Exposure Research after Floods

Throughout years of floods from natural disasters, research has mostly focused on the impact of dangerous bacteria that are released from municipalities or agricultural fields and swept along in floodwaters. But what happens to the pathogens (contaminants that cause disease) that were released and stick around when the flood waters are no longer there, and how does it impact the communities exposed?

ISU Water Chicks: Spreading a Message of Support in ABE

Many individuals in the Iowa State University engineering community have either seen a notification from, or heard of, the ISU Water Chicks. From sharing advanced research publications to posting group hangouts, the account has been a staple for ISU engineers and environmental scientists on twitter.

Engineers aim to improve oil extraction using acoustic sound waves

Mechanical engineering researchers at Iowa State University are studying ways they can use acoustic sound waves to improve the efficiency of extracting oil from rocks. The project is led by Jaime J. Juárez, assistant professor of mechanical engineering (ME), with additional support from Michael Olsen, professor of ME. The project is supported with a more …Continue reading “Engineers aim to improve oil extraction using acoustic sound waves”

Pandemic impacts ME student’s graduate school selection process

It took a pandemic and the inability to do on-campus visits that led one mechanical engineering student to decide he wanted to stay a little closer to home for graduate school. Antonio Alvarez-Valdivia originally wanted to leave the Midwest for graduate school when he completed his B.S. in mechanical engineering (ME) later this spring. However, …Continue reading “Pandemic impacts ME student’s graduate school selection process”

Creativity, not perfection: Cyclone Engineer Benazir Fateh solves cutting edge tech challenges at Google

Cyclone Engineer Benazir Fateh (PhD ’13 Computer Engr) works on the cutting edge of technology – as a machine learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) specialist at Google with some of Google’s Cloud’s biggest customers namely Twitter, Uber, Apple and PayPal. 

Visiting Mars with a virtual CyBot: Innovation in hands-on learning during COVID-19

In a normal semester, Iowa State University’s Introduction to Embedded Systems course in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECpE) features a popular project simulating exploration of the surface of the planet Mars, using iRobot Roomba-based mobile robots fitted with microcontrollers, nicknamed CyBots, after Iowa State’s mascot Cy. The CyBot platform is an embedded …Continue reading “Visiting Mars with a virtual CyBot: Innovation in hands-on learning during COVID-19”

MSE honors three with departmental Research Excellence Awards

Three graduate students and recent graduates in the Iowa State University Department of Materials Science and Engineering (MSE) have received departmental MSE Research Excellence Awards: Trishelle Copeland-Johnson, Emily Olson and Pratyasha Mohapatra. Trishelle Copeland-Johnson Copeland-Johnson, who recently received her Ph.D. from Iowa State in the fall 2020 semester, worked with MSE Professor Nicola Bowler. “My …Continue reading “MSE honors three with departmental Research Excellence Awards”