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Honoring excellence: Cyclone Engineering faculty and staff award winners, named faculty positions and new patents

Congratulations to 2023 College of Engineering faculty and staff award winners, new named faculty positions, and patent recipients.

Welcoming Iowa State College of Engineering’s Kiewit Scholars Program 2023-2024 cohort

The Kiewit Scholars Program at Iowa State University has recently announced the selection of students for its second-year cohort. The program comprises a diverse group of individuals, including 8 incoming freshmen and 8 currently enrolled Iowa State students.

Charting your course: Nikki Eggert inspires students as new advisor in engineering

The Department of Civil, Construction, and Environmental Engineering (CCEE) at Iowa State University welcomes a new academic advisor, Nikki Eggert, who is determined to help students understand that their possibilities within the department are limitless. With her unique background and diverse expertise, Eggert aims to inspire students to explore various options, embrace new experiences and discover their true passions.

Kejin Wang: Elevating the world of engineering and inspiring future generations

Kejin Wang, professor in construction engineering, says doing what you love is the key to success. Her unwavering passion for her field has earned her the title of distinguished professor, the first woman to ever receive this honor in the Department of Civil, Construction and Environmental Engineering.

Ultra-high performance concrete innovation and collaboration at international interactive symposium

The third International Interactive Symposium on Ultra-High Performance Concrete brought together nearly 300 UHPC researchers, engineers, industry representatives, and students in Delaware – but UHPC research and industry leadership in the state of Iowa stood strong at the event.

Seeing your work, work: Jenny Herrera turns ideas into impact as Weitz project manager

Herrera’s first project out of college (civil engineering ‘16) was no small feat. Starting as a project engineer at The Weitz Company and now as a project manager, Herrera has been turning ideas into impacts for over seven years. And her favorite part? Seeing it all come together and work.

Nazik Çıtır: Paving paths of innovation and inspiration in transportation

Nazik Çıtır, doctoral candidate in civil engineering working with the Institute for Transportation, has pretty much always been an engineer in the making. As a child, Çıtır always seemed to be problem-solving with one big goal in mind: helping the world be a better place for all.