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Cyclone engineering seniors receive first place in pitch off competition for automated medicinal sprayer product

The sixth annual Pappajohn Center for Entrepreneurship college-by-college pitch off was just completed this month – with Belling and Meyer placing first in the “New Idea” category, receiving a $5,000 award. The students participating in the pitch-off have to go through several rounds for the potential to win, and pitch their idea in 90 seconds to panels of judges.

Dela Houssou: “We need resilient infrastructure more than ever, and AI can help us create it”

Houssou, senior in civil engineering, is conducting research with associate professor Alice Alipour on how to make Iowa’s power infrastructure more resilient to climate change. Due to climate change, natural disasters are becoming more common and severe. Following suit, infrastructure all around Iowa needs to be able to account for more of these dangerous and frequent storms.

If walls could talk: Cyclone Engineers develop cyber-physical system for exterior walls to “think for themselves”

Associate professor Alice Alipour (CCEE), associate professor Behrouz Shafei (CCEE) and professor Partha Sarkar (aerospace engineering) received a grant from the NSF in 2018 to study what they call a Smorphacade (short for a Smart Morphing Façade), a type of building exterior that is what some could consider alive. Recently, they received another project from NSF to conduct technology transfer on this fundamentally transformative idea.

Holographic hard hats ahead: Cyclone Engineers break into the third dimension of structural design

Civil engineering sophomore Liam Lenahan and assistant professor Roy Sturgill are working together to bring the third dimension into structural design. The two are bringing 3D projects into the classroom through a very ‘construction-style’ medium: hard hats. 

How much vehicle weight can highways withstand? Yongsung Koh receives award for highway resilience research

How much pressure can a road withstand? Of all the roads and highways we drive on – when will they crack? That’s what Yongsung Koh, a doctoral student in the Department of Civil, Construction and Environmental Engineering, is working hard to figure out.

CCEE welcomes 2023 Hall of Fame and Distinguished Alumni Inductees

Iowa State University’s Department of Civil, Construction and Environmental Engineering’s (CCEE) honors outstanding alumni of the department annually for their professional achievements, service to the profession, community and/or the department, and their high degree of character and integrity. There are two different recognitions: Hall of Fame and Distinguished Alumni. The Hall of Fame is a lifetime professional and service achievement award, while the Distinguished Alumni is for alumni who have significant professional achievement and service. This year, three alumni are joining the Hall of Fame, and two are joining fellow Distinguished Alumni.

“It’s all about making a difference,” construction engineering alum Paul Giroux’s advice to Cyclone Engineers

Paul Giroux graduated from the Department of Civil, Construction and Environmental Engineering in 1979 with a bachelor’s degree in construction engineering. Now, after nearly five decades in industry with the Kiewit Corporation, Giroux pays his education forward by sharing his insights into modern and historical construction lessons with engineering students all over America.