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Breaking barriers in filtration: CoMFRE researchers developing new approach to maintaining colloidal filtration systems

Jaime Juarez, associate professor of mechanical engineering, and Michael Olsen, professor of mechanical engineering, have secured an NSF award to study an innovative approach to maintaining colloidal filtration systems. Juarez and Olsen are exploring using acoustic waves to break apart colloid buildup and or prevent buildup from developing.

Ted Heindel receives ASME 2023 Freeman Scholar Award

Theodore (Ted) J. Heindel, the Bergles Professor of Thermal Science, University Professor of mechanical engineering, and director of Iowa State’s Center for Multiphase Flow Research and Education (CoMFRE), has been selected to receive the 2023 Freeman Scholar Award from the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME).

Fynn Reinbacher fires up oxy-fuel combustion project in Gas Turbine Industrial Fellowship

Fynn Reinbacher, a Ph.D. candidate in mechanical engineering and a graduate assistant in CoMFRE affiliate James Michael’s research group, was a Gas Turbine Industrial Fellow at Southwest Research Institute. Reinbacher focused on three projects in oxy-fuel combustion, contributing unique multi-phase flow research expertise he developed at Iowa State.

The Conversation: Ted Heindel, fluid flow expert, on why peanut butter is a liquid and the physics of this and other unexpected fluids

“When the TSA recently confiscated a jar of Jif under the rule that only liquid under 3.4 ounces can be carried on a plane, peanut butter lovers were up in arms. Just like Americans’ favorite legume-based sandwich ingredient, the story – and the outrage it inspired – began to spread. However, I’m a mechanical engineer who studies fluid flows, and the TSA action made sense to me. By the scientific definition, peanut butter is indeed a liquid.”

Aerospace Engineering’s Ping He receives Mack 2050 Challenge honor

Department of Aerospace Engineering assistant professor Ping He has been named a Michael and Denise Mack 2050 Challenge Scholar. The program was established to support the Iowa State University College of Engineering’s 2050 vision. It supports one junior faculty member with fellowship funding.