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CoMFRE’s Shankar Subramaniam delivered an invited lecture on turbulent particle suspensions at the 2024 International Union of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics symposium on rapid granular flows and turbulent particle suspensions 

Shankar Subramaniam
Shankar Subramaniam

The founding director of Iowa State’s Center of Multiphase Flow Research and Education (CoMFRE), Shankar Subramaniam, recently attended a symposium of leading multiphase flow researchers from across the globe in Mumbai, India.  

“Fostering international collaboration in the area of multiphase flows is important to accelerate our understanding, prediction, and control of multiphase flows in these applications, and to encourage the next generation of researchers in this important technical area,” says Subramaniam, a professor of mechanical engineering and internationally recognized expert in granular and turbulent particle-laden flows. 

At the symposium, organized by the International Union of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics (IUTAM) and held at the Indian Institute of Technology, Mumbai, Subramaniam delivered a lecture on “Physics-based Models of Turbulent Particle Suspensions for Energy and Environmental Applications.”  

“Multiphase flows are an active area of research worldwide because of their importance in pressing global problems related to minimizing environmental impact due to climate change, sustainable energy generation, and the efficient manufacture of safety-compliant pharmaceuticals and chemicals” says Subramaniam. “All these affect the quality of human life across the globe and are therefore of interest to researchers across the world.”