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Relative path: Erica Hollander graduates with engineering degree 75 years after her great-grandfather was dean of engineering

“I’m really excited about the progression of technology and the potential to contribute to that – and proud of my family’s connections to Iowa State. And I’m ready to get out there in the work world to continue my commitment to empowering other women in STEM.”

Marissa Recker: Dean’s Student Leadership Award winner

“Developing the Engineering Ambassadors Network into the group that it is now is a contribution to the community that I am most proud of. I also hope that some of the K-12 students we work with will choose to pursue engineering and see it as a career that is attainable to them regardless of their ethnicity, gender or current experience.”

The Conversation: Ted Heindel, fluid flow expert, on why peanut butter is a liquid and the physics of this and other unexpected fluids

“When the TSA recently confiscated a jar of Jif under the rule that only liquid under 3.4 ounces can be carried on a plane, peanut butter lovers were up in arms. Just like Americans’ favorite legume-based sandwich ingredient, the story – and the outrage it inspired – began to spread. However, I’m a mechanical engineer who studies fluid flows, and the TSA action made sense to me. By the scientific definition, peanut butter is indeed a liquid.”

David Wolfe: Outstanding senior in cyber security engineering

“I want to help people learn and tear down some of the walls preventing people from interacting with cyber security. You don’t need an expert in the technical details of SSL encryption to understand how to be safe online. So, I plan on going back to my hometown to talk to students about security and continue to give talks and presentations to anyone who will listen after college.”

Mira Johnson: Outstanding senior in civil engineering

“To engineer like a Cyclone Engineer means gaining a variety of experiences. I have been exposed to many opportunities allowing me to diversify my interests and gain confidence in my future as an engineer. The Iowa State engineering experience gives everyone the opportunity and freedom to build their own unique skill set.”