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On the menu: Engineering for your next meal 

Packaging reprocessed Xianglan Bai, associate professor of mechanical engineering, leads an interdisciplinary team developing new hybrid, plasma-based recycling technologies to convert plastic films from food products into biodegradable polymers.  Safer food sensors Carmen Gomes, associate professor of mechanical engineering, was the first to develop a platinum interdigitated microelectrode biosensor to detect listeria contamination in hydroponic …Continue reading “On the menu: Engineering for your next meal “

Educating future industrial engineering innovators

“Working as an undergrad research assistant taught me to think differently, and I learned how we can design efficient systems to better conserve our resources – because I believe Cyclone Engineers have the talent and responsibility to create a better world for future generations.”

Interim director named for Center for Industrial Research and Service

Assistant Director and Operations Manager Leah Barton has been appointed interim director for the Center of Industrial Research and Service (CIRAS). Following 25 years as CIRAS director, Ron Cox will step down from that role and join the College of Engineering team in the office of the dean. Barton has been serving CIRAS since 2008. She will begin her new role on January 5, 2023. A national search for a new director will begin in 2023.