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Medical mechanical engineer

Emily Alexander credits an Engineering and Beyond summer camp she attended in high school as one of her most influential exposures to engineering and the Iowa State University campus. Having grown up just a half hour away in Des Moines, attending Iowa State was the easy decision when it came time for college, but she …Continue reading “Medical mechanical engineer”

ME lecturer focuses on engaging undergraduate students

As a young student in her home country of Italy, Paola Pittoni remembers it was strong teachers that had the greatest impact on her. Now as a mechanical engineering lecturer herself, Pittoni hopes that she can leave just as lasting an impact on her students. “The reason I wanted to be a lecturer is because …Continue reading “ME lecturer focuses on engaging undergraduate students”

Engineering groups address national need to add more female insight to the field

With women representing only 13 percent of the engineering workforce, leaders and students in the College of Engineering at Iowa State are actively supporting and developing initiatives to encourage females in the discipline. Offering a variety of female-directed student groups and programs that provide mentors; social and professional development opportunities; and scholarships, these activities are …Continue reading “Engineering groups address national need to add more female insight to the field”