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Xinchun Tian receives ISU Postdoctoral Research Excellence Award

Xinchun Tian, a postdoctoral scholar in the Materials Science and Engineering department, was awarded the ISU Postdoctoral Research Excellence Award for his research on in situ biasing TEM studies. Tian graduated from Iowa State with a Ph.D. in materials science and engineering under the supervision of Prof. Ludovico Cademartiri. Tian now works as postdoctoral scholar …Continue reading “Xinchun Tian receives ISU Postdoctoral Research Excellence Award”

Iowa State graduate student receives Alan Gent Distinguished Student Paper Award

Ravi Tutika, a materials science and engineering Ph.D. student, won the prestigious Alan Gent Distinguished Student Paper Award for his paper entitled “Soft Multifunctional Composites Enabled Through Programmable Liquid Metal Microstructures.” The Alan Gent Distinguished Student Paper Award is an award dedicated to graduate student research in adhesion science, given by the Adhesion Society. The …Continue reading “Iowa State graduate student receives Alan Gent Distinguished Student Paper Award”

An interdisciplinary path to plant root research

No day is “just a normal day” in Ludovico Cademartiri’s research group. Not when there are so many questions to answer about crop plants using a convergence of materials science and engineering, genetics, predictive phenomics and chemical engineering. “We are working on many exploratory projects, including answering some fundamental questions about plant communication and challenging …Continue reading “An interdisciplinary path to plant root research”

Fall 2019 student marshal and outstanding seniors honored

Each semester, twelve graduating seniors are selected as outstanding seniors to represent the College of Engineering. Of these twelve, one is chosen as the college’s student marshal at the undergraduate commencement ceremony on December 21. Click the names to read individual features about each student.   Student Marshal – Nicholas Wijaya     Major: Aerospace …Continue reading “Fall 2019 student marshal and outstanding seniors honored”

Nicholas Wijaya named fall 2019 student marshal

Student Marshal – Nicholas Wijaya  Major: Aerospace engineering  Hometown: Jakarta, Indonesia GPA: 3.95 Career goal: Become an aerospace engineer who participates actively in the future innovations in the engineering world.   Clubs/activities: Aerospace Mentorship Program, American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics, Indonesian Student Association,  Awards/honors: Highest GPA in Aerospace Engineering, Dean’s list, Boeing Company Award, Tau …Continue reading “Nicholas Wijaya named fall 2019 student marshal”

Outstanding senior fall 2019 – Sarah Baratta

Sarah Baratta Major: Electrical engineering, emphasis in VLSI (Very-large-scale integration) Minor: International studies, focus in science and technology in Asia GPA: 3.84 Hometown: Des Moines, Iowa Career goal: To be passionate and interested in what I do (and not dread going to work!) Clubs/activities: Engr 160 and Cpr E 381 teaching assistant  Awards/honors: Dean’s List, …Continue reading “Outstanding senior fall 2019 – Sarah Baratta”

Outstanding senior fall 2019 – Nathaniel Hall

Nathaniel Hall Major: Agricultural engineering with emphasis in power and machinery GPA: 3.81 Hometown: Brooklyn, Iowa Career goal: My goal is to design machines that improve people’s lives. Clubs/activities: Theta Chi Fraternity, ISU ITEC Robotics Club, ABE Peer Mentor, Student Innovation Center Lab Technician Favorite place on campus:  I enjoy hanging out and talking with …Continue reading “Outstanding senior fall 2019 – Nathaniel Hall”

Outstanding senior fall 2019 – Michael Peterson

Michael Peterson Major: Industrial engineering GPA: 3.87 Hometown: Des Moines, Iowa Career goal: To assume an executive position with Procter & Gamble and become an expert in multiple areas of the business.  Clubs/activities: Engineering Career Fair executive team, Engineer’s Week committee member, FarmHouse Fraternity, ISU Sports Analytics Club Awards/honors: 2019 Most Innovative Project Award (Boeing’sIndustrial …Continue reading “Outstanding senior fall 2019 – Michael Peterson”

Outstanding senior fall 2019 – Kyle Jackson

Kyle Jackson Major: Chemical engineering Minor: Biology and Spanish GPA: 3.93 Hometown: Winterset, Iowa Career goal: Emergency medicine physician or a surgeon after graduating from medical school. Clubs/activities: Pre-Medical Club, Chemical engineering Peer Mentor, University Honors Program, SALT Company Awards/honors: Dean’s List, Summa Cum Laude, Erwin and DeLoris Whitney Scholarship in Chemical Engineering, Tau Beta …Continue reading “Outstanding senior fall 2019 – Kyle Jackson”

Outstanding senior fall 2019 – Kevin Oran

Kevin Oran Major: Computer engineering and mechanical engineering GPA: 3.73 Hometown: Elkhorn, Nebraska Clubs/activities: Cardinal Space Mining, Triangle Fraternity, ISU Marching Band Awards/honors: Dean’s List, Iowa State University Honors Program, George Washington Carver Scholar, National Merit Finalist, Eagle Scout What is your overall career goal? Complete a master’s degree then work as an engineer on …Continue reading “Outstanding senior fall 2019 – Kevin Oran”