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An interdisciplinary path to plant root research

No day is “just a normal day” in Ludovico Cademartiri’s research group. Not when there are so many questions to answer about crop plants using a convergence of materials science and engineering, genetics, predictive phenomics and chemical engineering. “We are working on many exploratory projects, including answering some fundamental questions about plant communication and challenging …Continue reading “An interdisciplinary path to plant root research”

2020 recipients of Guy and Giese Graduate Student Fellowship

Five students were awarded the annual Guy and Giese Graduate Student Fellowship. The Giese Graduate Fellowship was created in memory of Henry Giese, professor of structures and environment areas for Iowa State University’s Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering Department (ISU ABE). The Harold and Katherine Guy Graduate Fellowship was designed to promote research done in soil and water conservation. 

Small matter, big uses

Software designed for developing video games could enhance the speed and accuracy of particulate flow simulations.

Testing performance soil equipment, an opportunity for students at Iowa State

Iowa State University’s Department of Agricultural & Biosystems Engineering (ISU ABE) has a unique opportunity for students interested in soil-machine interaction. The ISU Soil-Machine Dynamics Laboratory (SMDL) is located at the ISU Agricultural Engineering and Agronomy Research Farm in Boone, Iowa. Mehari Tekeste, an assistant professor in ISU ABE, leads the laboratory teaching and research …Continue reading “Testing performance soil equipment, an opportunity for students at Iowa State”

New study finds bacterial enzymes could help prevent earthquake damage

A new study published in Canadian Geotechnical Journal suggests that an enzyme derived from bacteria could be used to enhance the stability of certain soils.

Transparent soil research continues in the L. Cademartiri lab

Ludovico Cademartiri and his research group have been working to provide tools for plant science and agronomy since 2012. After five years, their research has made major advancements for the plant science and agriculture communities enabling them to develop transparent soil technology and receive a generous grant from the National Institute of Food and Agriculture. …Continue reading “Transparent soil research continues in the L. Cademartiri lab”

Iowa State research team wins $1 million NSF grant for soil sustainability study

An Iowa State University research team has won a $1 million grant from the National Science Foundation (NSF) to develop underground wireless sensors that could help farmers improve crop production and reduce field runoff. The grant will fund a research team headed by Ratnesh Kumar, an Iowa State professor of electrical and computer engineering. Working with electrical engineers …Continue reading “Iowa State research team wins $1 million NSF grant for soil sustainability study”

Lyons makes gardening “oh so simple”

When he graduated in 2009, Iowa State University electrical engineering alumnus Austin Lyons didn’t imagine that just three years later he would be on the verge of starting his own company with four of his closest friends. The group, which consists of Lyons, Eduardo Torrealba, Trevor Hutchins, Brad Sanders, and Michael Clemenson, met at a …Continue reading “Lyons makes gardening “oh so simple””