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ME’s Gomes organizes USDA symposium

A mechanical engineering faculty member is part of a symposium that will focus on nanotechnology in food manufacturing. Carmen Gomes, an associate professor of ME, has helped to organize a symposium entitled Convergence of (nano)Technology and Food Manufacturing (CoNFoMA). The event, which will take place Sept. 8 and 9 on the University of Minnesota campus …Continue reading “ME’s Gomes organizes USDA symposium”

Transparent soil research continues in the L. Cademartiri lab

Ludovico Cademartiri and his research group have been working to provide tools for plant science and agronomy since 2012. After five years, their research has made major advancements for the plant science and agriculture communities enabling them to develop transparent soil technology and receive a generous grant from the National Institute of Food and Agriculture. …Continue reading “Transparent soil research continues in the L. Cademartiri lab”

ME, agronomy researchers team up to study robotics in agriculture

A team of Iowa State researchers has been awarded funding to study the use of robotics in agriculture. The project is led by mechanical engineering assistant professor Sourabh Bhattacharya, with co-PIs Baskar Ganapathysubramanian (associate professor, ME), Soumik Sarkar (assistant professor, ME), Asheesh Singh (assistant professor, Agronomy), and Arti Singh (adjunct assistant professor, Agronomy). The project is …Continue reading “ME, agronomy researchers team up to study robotics in agriculture”

World Food Day: Protecting natural resources through nutrient planning around the world

First established on Oct. 16, 1979, World Food Day recognizes the day in 1945 when 42 countries assembled in Quebec, Canada to create the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations to free humanity from hunger and malnutrition, effectively managing the global food system.