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Transfer graduate student finds new home at Iowa State

Going from a smaller university in an urban area to a larger university in a smaller college town might have been difficult for some, but for mechanical engineering graduate student Murtaza “Murt” Zohair the transition was smooth. Zohair is from Aurora, Ill., part of the greater Chicago area. Growing up he was often reading books …Continue reading “Transfer graduate student finds new home at Iowa State”

Using X-rays and high-speed imaging to examine sprays

Iowa State University is part of an inter-university research project examining the intricacies of sprays. Ted Heindel, Bergles Professor of Thermal Science and university professor in mechanical engineering, is the lead researcher at the Iowa State site. Within Heindel’s Experimental Multiphase Flow Lab, the researchers are using X-rays and high-speed imaging to experimentally study the …Continue reading “Using X-rays and high-speed imaging to examine sprays”

Lyons makes gardening “oh so simple”

When he graduated in 2009, Iowa State University electrical engineering alumnus Austin Lyons didn’t imagine that just three years later he would be on the verge of starting his own company with four of his closest friends. The group, which consists of Lyons, Eduardo Torrealba, Trevor Hutchins, Brad Sanders, and Michael Clemenson, met at a …Continue reading “Lyons makes gardening “oh so simple””