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Xinchun Tian receives ISU Postdoctoral Research Excellence Award

Xinchun Tian, a postdoctoral scholar in the Materials Science and Engineering department, was awarded the ISU Postdoctoral Research Excellence Award for his research on in situ biasing TEM studies.

Tian graduated from Iowa State with a Ph.D. in materials science and engineering under the supervision of Prof. Ludovico Cademartiri. Tian now works as postdoctoral scholar in Prof. Xiaoli Tan’s research group, professor of materials science and engineering.

The ISU Postdoctoral Research Excellence Award honors postdoctoral scholars currently doing research at Iowa State who have made innovative and significant research contributions to their field of study.

“It’s really based on how much their research will advance the knowledge in the field and their publications,” said Tian.

Tian’s award recognition consisted of a certificate and a $100 compensation prize. An award ceremony is still pending due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Tian’s research on in situ biasing TEM studies aims to expand the capabilities to probe dielectric breakdown mechanisms in solid oxides at nanoscales. It also promotes the design and manufacturing of next generation dielectric materials with better efficiency and reliability for electricity generation, storage and transmission by revealing details of the processes on an unprecedented level.

“My current projects focus on the dynamics of charged point defects in single crystalline nanoparticles under intense electric field and how the process affects possible dielectric breakdown pathways and other structural properties,” Tian said.

In the future, Tian wants to find a faculty position at a university or research institute and continue his journey in materials science and engineering.