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Cyclone Shields

With the start of the college football season upon us, we hear from two #CycloneEngineers who collaborated with equipment managers for Iowa State University to create an inexpensive way to modify the team’s helmets to be functional for the players, while also reducing the potential spread of COVID-19. The “Cyclone Shield” has made Iowa State’s …Continue reading “Cyclone Shields”

CyberSafety During COVID-19 & Working From Home

University Professor Doug Jacobson offers insight and tips on what to be looking for, and how to avoid potentially costly and potentially dangerous mishaps online.

Coming Together at the Seams

Transporting generated electricity is much more efficient than transporting fuel stock, but it cannot yet happen from coast to coast. In this episode of Factor Analysis, we talk to Dr. James McCalley, London Professor of Power Systems Engineering to find out why, what it would take, and what Iowa State’s role is in the process.

Spanning then and now

You may have ridden across it. You’ve probably seen photos of it. Hear how one engineering alum played a role in one of Iowa’s most beloved and popular trails.

A visit from Ullo

After several years of sending #CycloneEngineers to Ullo, Zack Saeed of Ullo has finally been able to visit Iowa State. In this special edition of Factor Analysis, Michelle Friedman of Iowa State’s chapter of Engineers Without Borders sits down with Zack to discuss his impressions of Iowa State, and the impact our students have had on his community.

From blue roofs to rebuilds: why communities can (or cannot) construct after catastrophes

A hurricane hits. You survive the storm, but your house doesn’t. And to complicate matters, you don’t have the documentation to prove the house was actually yours to begin with. What do you do? Construction engineering doctoral student Jess Talbot recently traveled to Puerto Rico, a country still reeling from the effects of Hurricane Maria back in 2017. Along with her mentor, Assistant Professor Cristina Poleacovschi, Jess studied how communities are … or are not … able to reconstruct after a catastrophic event.

Corporate Cannabis Cultivation

Maurice Washington spends his days analyzing the environmental impact of legal marijuana cultivation in the largest cannabis-producing region in the U.S. He recently talked with us about the new challenges, how they’re really old challenges, and how they allow better control of California’s watershed.