Iowa State leads move to establish an alliance that builds statewide cybersecurity, literacy

Iowa State University cybersecurity experts are leading a statewide effort to establish the Iowa Cyber Alliance. The alliance is all about bringing partners together to provide cybersecurity education, outreach and training across the state.

Jacobson featured on Iowa Public Radio

Doug Jacobson, University Professor in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, was interviewed by Iowa Public Radio’s Ben Kieffer on the December 9 edition of River to River. Jacobson and ISU associate professor of information systems Brian Mennecke, give their takes on the latest news regarding privacy, data collection, and cyber-security at the link below. The Illusion of Privacy in [Continue Reading…]

Iowa State student cyber analysts win national competition

AMES, Iowa – A security breach is detected at a small business. Teams of cyber analysts are briefed about the situation and given five hours to answer three questions: Are the cyber-attacks connected? Whose account was used to access the server? And did anyone open the malicious email?

Managing big data with efficient algorithms and software

Electrical and computer engineering professor devises technology that helps transform data into usable information. Over the past 10 to 15 years, there has been a big change in the ecosystem of software and hardware for data processing. Srikanta Tirthapura, associate professor of electrical and computer engineering, says this change is being driven by favorable economic [Continue Reading…]

Iowa State researchers to demonstrate cyber-physical security testbed for power grid at SmartAmerica Challenge expo

A team led by Manimaran Govindarasu of electrical and computer engineering has developed a realistic platform for power grid security research As cyber threats to the infrastructure of the nation’s electricity transmission grow in numbers and sophistication, so does the technology used to identify vulnerabilities and mitigate these attacks. PowerCyber, a cyber-physical security testbed developed [Continue Reading…]

Iowa State engineers build software tools to assure security of smartphones

Suraj Kothari’s talk of smartphone security quickly took a turn toward sabotage and worst-case scenarios. What happens, he asked, if a soldier’s smartphone is hacked for its GPS data? What happens if an attacker drains the battery in a general’s phone and essential communication is cut off? Or, what happens if a hacked phone provides [Continue Reading…]

Creating Accountable Anonymity Online

Systems that allow users complete anonymity are being abused. ECpE’s Yong Guan wants to add some accountability. The World Wide Web is, in many ways, still the Wild West. Though a large portion of internet traffic is monitored and traceable, systems like the Tor Project allow users to post and share anything anonymously. Anonymous systems [Continue Reading…]

Manimaran Govindarasu receives ISU Award for Mid-Career Achievement in Research

Manimaran Govindarasu, professor in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, received the ISU Award for Mid-Career Achievement in Research for his work in the area of cyber security. Govindarasu has been a professor at Iowa State since 1999, and is widely regarded as a pioneer and leader in the emerging interdisciplinary research area of [Continue Reading…]

ECpE, EPRC sponsor two-day cyber security short course

The Iowa State University Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, in conjunction with the Electric Power Research Center, held a two-day short course that covered basic principles of cyber security. The course, called ‘On Cyber Security of the Electric Power Grid with Attacks-Defense Training,’ was offered July 15-16 in Coover Hall. The course covered specific [Continue Reading…]

Iowa State hosts world’s largest cyber defense competition

Iowa State Electrical and Computer Engineering hosted its annual student cyber defense competition on Saturday. With more than 150 student participants, the event ranked as the largest cyber defense competition in the world. Iowa State students were split into teams and were given two weeks to build their own systems on virtual machines that could [Continue Reading…]

ISU professor takes on threat of espionage via hacked smartphones

By Hannah Furfaro Staff Writer Ames Tribune In his office on the Iowa State University campus Thursday, professor Suraj “Suresh” Kothari didn’t hesitate to talk about the realities of cyber warfare. It’s not exactly dinner-table conversation, but cyber insecurity is bearing down on everyone from company CEOs to generals at U.S. military bases overseas. Recent [Continue Reading…]