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Cold weather is a benefit to corn still in the fields

An Iowa State University grain quality specialist, Charles Hurburgh says some growers are choosing to leave corn in the fields because the kernels’ moisture content is too high for safe storage.

Global collaboration on food security

Moses Kalyango traveled 8,000 miles to explore solutions to a centuries-old problem to take back to his native Uganda.

$14 Million Committed by Kent Corporation, Iowa Corn Promotion Board and Sukup Manufacturing Co. for Iowa State’s Feed Mill and Grain Science Project

AMES, Iowa — Kent Corporation is committing $8 million, the Iowa Corn Promotion Board $4 million and Sukup Manufacturing Co. $2 million in support of a new Iowa State University College of Agriculture and Life Sciences educational and research facility for feed milling and grain science.

Cellulosic ethanol requires efficiently collecting corn stover bales

Corn stover experts have found ways to reduce the cost of bringing corn stover from the field to cellulosic ethanol plants. A study conducted by DuPont Cellulosic Ethanol and Iowa State University was able to reduce the cost of moving corn stover from $91 per ton to $52 per ton – a reduction of about …Continue reading “Cellulosic ethanol requires efficiently collecting corn stover bales”