Author: Travis Ballstadt

A large facility with white partitions dividing it into individual care spaces.

An Emergency Response

McCormick Place in Cook County, Illinois, is being transformed from a massive convention center to an alternative care facility for treating low acute COVID-19 patients. Meet the #CycloneEngineer who is part of the team.

Image of corn connected to electronic sensors at Iowa State's Plant Sciences Institute.

A Fitbit for Plants

We all wear or know someone who wears a fitness tracker, or an activity monitor. But what sort of impact could be made on food security if we had a tracker for our plants’ health?

A map displays existing high voltage power transmission lines in the US

Coming Together at the Seams

Transporting generated electricity is much more efficient than transporting fuel stock, but it cannot yet happen from coast to coast. In this episode of Factor Analysis, we talk to Dr. James McCalley, London Professor of Power Systems Engineering to find out why, what it would take, and what Iowa State’s role is in the process.

A group shot of mentoring program participants at a park shelter.

An Adventure in Confidence

Take a look inside Iowa State’s mentoring program designed to provide professional development for international students and build community between international and domestic graduate students.

Edwin Kurgan runs in the 2019 Nuttycombe Wisconsin XC Invitational.

Discipline for Success

As a NCAA champion in cross-country, Edwin Kurgat knows about the level of discipline required to reach goals. He also applies this same level of discipline to his study habits as an industrial engineering student.

Zack Saeed of Ullo, Ghana participated in a video and audio interview as part of his visit to the Iowa State campus

A visit from Ullo

After several years of sending #CycloneEngineers to Ullo, Zack Saeed of Ullo has finally been able to visit Iowa State. In this special edition of Factor Analysis, Michelle Friedman of Iowa State’s chapter of Engineers Without Borders sits down with Zack to discuss his impressions of Iowa State, and the impact our students have had on his community.

Flooding Impact On Agricultural Systems

Matt Helmers, Iowa Nutrient Research Center Director and Professor of Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering talks about this spring’s flooding in the midwest, and the effect it will have on agriculture in the state of Iowa. Resources mentioned in Ep E104:

Sharing is caring

This post is the first in a series of guest blog posts that will appear in the Dean’s Blog over the next year. The author is Travis Ballstadt, digital media coordinator for the Iowa State University College of Engineering They say you should never assume, but I’m going to make an assumption. I’m going to … Continue reading Sharing is caring

ME Design Expo

One team of Iowa State University mechanical engineering students has designed a simple device to sort coffee beans. Another team designed a low‐cost prosthesis. And another has designed a new kind of grain bin. Their assignment in Mechanical Engineering 270 (Introduction to Mechanical Engineering Design) was to design something to create sustainable economic activity for … Continue reading ME Design Expo

CoE Alum takes the wheel at NSF

Science Magazine sat down with Iowa State University College of Engineering alum Subra Suresh, MSME’79, after his first week as director of the US National Science Foundation. Click here to read the story.  (This link requires a subscription if attempting to view off-campus. When accessed via Iowa State’s network, you can view the article free of … Continue reading CoE Alum takes the wheel at NSF

CCEE Hybrid School Bus Project featured on Iowa Public Radio

Hybrid vehicles, integrating battery-powered electric motors as helpers to traditional-fueled engines, are catching on with car drivers. But, applying the same technology to larger vehicles is taking more time. Two Iowa public schools are leading the way with experimental hybrid buses. Iowa Public Radio‘s Dean Borg reports on Dr. Shauna Hallmark‘s hybrid school bus research project. … Continue reading CCEE Hybrid School Bus Project featured on Iowa Public Radio

VLSI Research

Three Iowa State University electrical engineering graduate students share information on their research