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Jacobson featured on Iowa Public Radio

Doug Jacobson, University Professor in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, was interviewed by Iowa Public Radio’s Ben Kieffer on the December 9 edition of River to River. Jacobson and ISU associate professor of information systems Brian Mennecke, give their takes on the latest news regarding privacy, data collection, and cyber-security at the link below. The Illusion of Privacy in …Continue reading “Jacobson featured on Iowa Public Radio”

Hunger help from the heartland

Global hunger has no easy answer. But as part of a partnership with the federal government called Feed the Future, researchers at land-grant universities are trying new approaches to the decades-old dilemma. Kurt Rosentrater, an assistant professor at Iowa State University, for example, is an expert on fish feed. He says that more nutritious feed, …Continue reading “Hunger help from the heartland”

NSF director wraps up campus visit (updated)

Subra Suresh, director of the National Science Foundation, delivered the inaugural Vlasta Klima Balloun Lecture on Friday, then crossed campus to receive the university’s Distinguished Alumni Award. Suresh, who earned his MS in mechanical engineering from Iowa State, met with the media Thursday before holding a series of roundtable meetings with industry representatives and leaders …Continue reading “NSF director wraps up campus visit (updated)”

CCEE Hybrid School Bus Project featured on Iowa Public Radio

Hybrid vehicles, integrating battery-powered electric motors as helpers to traditional-fueled engines, are catching on with car drivers. But, applying the same technology to larger vehicles is taking more time. Two Iowa public schools are leading the way with experimental hybrid buses. Iowa Public Radio‘s Dean Borg reports on Dr. Shauna Hallmark‘s hybrid school bus research project. …Continue reading “CCEE Hybrid School Bus Project featured on Iowa Public Radio”