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Engineers From Ghana Visit ISU for Collaborative Research

This semester, Iowa State University’s Department of Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering professor Dirk Maier and doctorate student George Obeng-Akrofi hosted fellow members of the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology’s Engineers Without Borders (EWB-KNUST) student organization in Kumasi, Ghana. 

CCEE Provides Hands-On Undergraduate Research Opportunities

For many students, it can be difficult to gain real-world research experience while attending classes at the same time. Because it can be hard to balance learning and research, Director of Graduate Education (DOGE) and professor Omar Smadi in the Iowa State University Department of Civil, Construction and Environmental Engineering (CCEE) started a new, hands-on undergraduate research program in the department. This will be the second year of the program, after a year of many positive experiences from students.

PhD student Cicero Pola part of 2022-23 Brown Graduate Fellowship Program

Cicero is currently doing research on the design and analysis of graphene-based electrochemical sensors for the detection of relevant food safety and public health targets including virus, foodborne pathogens and food allergens. Among his achievements is his number of peer-reviewed publications. He has already published 22 peer-reviewed articles in high impact journals, 15 peer-reviewed articles since he joined Iowa State University, five book chapters, [and] one patent. These are all a testament of his dedication and research excellence.

IE’s Tokadlı named Fall 2021 Graduate College student marshal

For the second semester in a row, a College of Engineering student has been selected as the Graduate College’s student marshal and this semester that honor goes to Güliz Tokadlı, a Ph.D. candidate in industrial engineering and human-computer interaction. Tokadlı’s graduate school experience differs from most doctoral students in that she is working full-time while pursuing her Ph.D. In September, she starting working as the human factors lead at Locomotion, a company working on autonomous trucking technology.

Contributing to civil engineering education one scholarship at a time

Iowa State University alum Richard Gumtau had a more than five-decade career as a highway engineer which took him all over the country and even other parts of the world. Gumtau’s journey is an aspiring one though it almost ended before it even started because of the academic and financial hurdles he faced his freshman year of college. This would eventually inspire him to support students so they would not need to encounter the hardship he endured.