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Aerospace Engineering alumna, industry professional, aviation ambassador Vera Martinovich passes away

Vera Martinovich, an influential alumna of the Department of Aerospace Engineering, a member of the department’s Industrial Advisory Council (IAC) and a respected aviation professional, passed away April 17.

“Spirit of innovation” helps lift Jean-Philippe Tessonnier to National Academy of Inventors

Jean-Philippe Tessonnier, Richard C. Seagrave Professor in Chemical and Biological Engineering, has been named a Senior Member of the National Academy of Inventors.

Could the future of powering Iowa homes and farms be microbes?

“We’re developing computationally engineered enzymes that are faster and more efficient at breaking down lignin, the world’s second most abundant renewable carbon source, into simple saccharides and energy. This breakthrough holds promise for potential integration into non-toxic, biodegradable biobattery systems that could power agricultural tools and even whole houses.”

Valery Levitas’ unique laboratory study leads to inclusion in one of the world’s leading scientific academies

The European Academy of Sciences and Arts has elected Valery Levitas of Iowa State’s Department of Aerospace Engineering to its Technical and Environmental Sciences division.