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492 Senior Design Poster winners

ECE 492 Senior Design Poster winners are as follows: 

First Place: Prototyping and Testing Embedded Machine Learning in an Application: Smart Door Lock

Advisor: Diane Rover 

James Gossling-HW System Design


Jackson Lopata-Mechanical Design


Hailey Lucas-Embedded Syst./Record Keeper


Isaac Stich-Embedded Syst. Design


Christian Williams-Embedded Syst. Design


Frankie Mago-Machine Learning Model


Eric Reusch-Software System Design

Second Place: Smart Digital Stethoscope

Advisor: Ashfaq Khokhar

Omar Alsaedi-UIDesign Eng.


Abdalla Alzaabi-Network and Comms. Eng.


Austin Collins-WebRTC and  Software Eng.


Matthew Gasparaitis-HW Engineer


Yilun Huang-Product Design Engineer


Joyce Lai-Comms Engineer/Scrum Master


Vignati Yalamanchili-ESE/Scrum Master

Third Place: Real-Time Map Data Visualizer

Advisor: Joseph Zambreno 

Elizabeth Nelson-Team Lead


Isaac Littler-Scheduling Lead


Ami Ikanovic-Client Comms. Lead


Scott Fank-Team Comms. Lead


Benjamin Kelly-Facilities Manager


Parth Padmanabhan-Documentation Lead


Zahydee Machado-Delivery Manager