Broad experience in new CCEE Department staff

No two are alike. That statement describes the five new members of Iowa State University’s Department of Civil, Construction and Environmental Engineering (CCEE) staff. Over the past year, the department has added to its staff. And from outreach to advising, each person brings a unique perspective to helping students and faculty succeed. Emily Bowers, Academic Adviser Ask Emily Bowers [Continue Reading…]

Knowledge on Tap – Uniting Iowa State University and the Ames community

About the author: Allison Cargill is currently a mechanical engineering graduate student at Iowa State University working on biosensor development. She is originally from Cincinnati, Ohio, and completed her undergraduate degree at Purdue University. Allison moved to Ames in 2014 for graduate school and is a third generation Iowa State engineer.  What comes to mind when [Continue Reading…]

CIRAS’ metal printer— Pointing the way to new methods for making stuff

By Jeff Eckhoff, communications manager for the Center for Industrial Research and Service. The future of modern manufacturing is now being built in the basement of ISU’s Sukup Hall – one 40-micron-thick layer at a time. Iowa State University’s Center for Industrial Research and Service (CIRAS) has been up and running for roughly a month now [Continue Reading…]

New York high school student partners with Iowa State University researchers in NSF-NEES project, wins awards

An Iowa State University professor and graduate student developed a research partnership with a student from a top American high school. Maria Walsh-Regotti, a senior at Ossining High School in Ossining, N.Y., partnered with Sri Sritharan, Wilson Engineering Professor and professor of civil, construction and environmental engineering at Iowa State. As a high school sophomore, [Continue Reading…]

They’re more than little plastic bricks

When I began doing FIRST LEGO League in 2001, lots of people commented that it must be fun to play with LEGO bricks and cute to watch kids play with toys for a job. There was much to be done to alter perceptions of K-12 STEM programming. (science, technology, engineering and math) Now, don’t get [Continue Reading…]

Students clean up the food chain in Iowa FIRST LEGO League Championship

Look beneath the funny hats, crazy team names, screaming cheers, and LEGO robots rolling through their missions and Adele Beauchene says she can see her sixth graders learning some real lessons in engineering and science. And so Beauchene, who directs talented and gifted programs for the Nevada Community School District, said she’s happy to bring her [Continue Reading…]

MSE grad student shares engineering skills

Fourth grade students in Marilyn Lamb’s class at Lost Creek Elementary School learned some important lessons Monday couched in a format that was guaranteed to be fun. Lamb’s daughter Megan Lamb, a materials science and engineering graduate student at Iowa State University, was back to her elementary alma mater to share her love of engineering, [Continue Reading…]

Female civil engineering students work to create outreach program

Civil Ladies, a diverse female club, is teaming up with the American Society of Civil Engineers to secure a grant to develop an energy-related outreach program. One aspect of the program has the group working with third and fourth graders across the state, showing them the ins and outs of wind turbines. Read the Iowa State [Continue Reading…]

Energy education program to emphasize learning for all ages

The earlier students can begin learning about energy, the better off society will be—that’s the philosophy of a group of Iowa State University engineering faculty working to develop sustainable educational programs in the area of energy and energy systems. Ted Heindel, interim chair of mechanical engineering, Tom Brumm, professor in-charge of online learning, and Ron Cox, associate dean of extension, received a $500,000 grant from the Iowa Office of Energy Independence that was matched by Iowa State to launch these programs by March 2012.