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Fresh off the assembly line: Power Pullers set to compete with newly built tractor

An ISU ABE student organization that spent the school year designing and building a quarter-scale tractor will enter a lean and versatile machine into a competition in an effort to climb the leader board after a strong showing last year.

Experience Iowa State – Engineer at ISU CCEE

Balancing classes and campus experience is winning combo for this civil engineering senior  Whether its organizing an event, studying for an exam, or even answering her emails, civil engineering senior Carley Fulcher organizes her life to the minute. She has to, in order fit in all her studying and activities. To start off, she is …Continue reading “Experience Iowa State – Engineer at ISU CCEE”

Get involved – Engineer at ISU CCEE

With graduation on the horizon, senior in construction engineering reflects on getting involved at Iowa State  If Paige Taylor were to give a piece of advice to a new student, it would sound something like this … “Some great advice that I received my freshman year was to get involved in something that relates to …Continue reading “Get involved – Engineer at ISU CCEE”

Iowa State AIAA Student Branch visits LA for industry tour

Students from the Iowa State AIAA student branch visited aerospace engineering companies over Thanksgiving break. Fifteen students flew to Los Angeles, Calif. for two days of tours and sightseeing. The group visited Boeing Satellite Systems, SpaceX, Lockheed Martin Skunk Works, NASA Armstrong, and also viewed the Space Shuttle Endeavour and the USS Iowa. ISU AIAA …Continue reading “Iowa State AIAA Student Branch visits LA for industry tour”

Students, faculty, staff share engineering adventure at annual CCEE Fall Picnic

Between the student organizations, the grilling hamburgers, and the guest appearance from Iowa State University’s (ISU) mascot Cy, it’s easy to get distracted at a Civil, Construction and Environmental Engineering (CCEE) Fall Picnic. But Kaoru Ikuma knows exactly why she’s at the event. “The students are why I’m here,” Ikuma says. No hesitation. On Sept. …Continue reading “Students, faculty, staff share engineering adventure at annual CCEE Fall Picnic”

Engineering students active in noncompetitive clubs

Engineering students are active in all sorts of clubs and organizations offered at Iowa State. Two engineering students who are part of noncompetitive clubs talked about their experiences in an Iowa State Daily article. Read the full story here:

AerE revamps undergrad design sequence

This summer, Iowa State’s aerospace engineering department will be fine-tuning a program that promises to offer more design experience for the department’s undergraduates. The new design sequence, called Make to Innovate, will allow students to receive elective credits for many extracurricular projects they are currently completing for fun. “We have so many students who are …Continue reading “AerE revamps undergrad design sequence”

Student group takes on design-and-build of Cyclone jet

The College of Engineering is known for numerous accomplishments, but one team of students is taking on a project that literally aims for the sky: designing and building a 10-passenger business jet. Cyclone Business Jet (CBJ) is a student organization made up of more than 70 undergraduates who are primarily in engineering fields, along with …Continue reading “Student group takes on design-and-build of Cyclone jet”

Solar car hits the race pace, but is slowed by chassis repairs

The students of Team PrISUm were feeling good about the start to this year’s Formula Sun Grand Prix at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. The team qualified sixth and began the day recording lap times near the top of the grid. The electrical problems that had plagued Anthelion (the $250,000 solar race car is named after the rare halo …Continue reading “Solar car hits the race pace, but is slowed by chassis repairs”

Formula SAE Team tests its engineering skills at international competition

Members of Iowa State’s Formula SAE Team are going flat out to build a mini racing car that can show off their engineering skills. Designs for a super-light, 350-pound car are all drawn up. The chassis is welded. The single-cylinder, 450-cubic-centimeter motorcycle engine is rebuilt and mounted. The suspension control arms and uprights are manufactured. “The car …Continue reading “Formula SAE Team tests its engineering skills at international competition”

Female civil engineering students work to create outreach program

Civil Ladies, a diverse female club, is teaming up with the American Society of Civil Engineers to secure a grant to develop an energy-related outreach program. One aspect of the program has the group working with third and fourth graders across the state, showing them the ins and outs of wind turbines. Read the Iowa State …Continue reading “Female civil engineering students work to create outreach program”

IE sophomore part of group working to improve education standards in Africa

Bennett Coffman, sophomore in industrial engineering, is the current vice president of Hope 4 Africa at Iowa State. The group, which began at Valley High School in West Des Moines, has since expanded to Iowa State and two other schools, and is now a nonprofit organization dedicated to creating a lasting impact on African youth. Read …Continue reading “IE sophomore part of group working to improve education standards in Africa”

Ames Laboratory named “Making Stuff” coalition partner

The U.S. Department of Energy’s Ames Laboratory is one of only 20 sites around the country selected to be a coalition partner for the prestigious “Making Stuff” television program. As a partner, the Lab, along with Iowa State’s Materials Research Society and Material Advantage student organizations, will be hosting more than 20 outreach events. Making …Continue reading “Ames Laboratory named “Making Stuff” coalition partner”