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OpenQBMM software simulates multiphase flow behavior

Alberto Passalacqua, associate professor of mechanical engineering and associate director of the Center for Multiphase Flow Research and Education (CoMFRE), is leading the development of the software OpenQBMM at Iowa State.    OpenQBMM is an open-source multiphase flow computational fluid dynamics (CFD) software designed to simulate the behavior of flows with particles, bubbles, or droplets. …Continue reading “OpenQBMM software simulates multiphase flow behavior”

Iowa State’s Clean Snowmobile Team gearing up for 2020 competition

Snow blankets campus as Iowa State’s Clean Snowmobile Team works in the Advanced Manufacturing Systems Laboratory (AMSL) to engineer the quietest, lowest emission, flex-fuel capable snowmobile. As they make plans and integrate newly designed parts, the Clean Snowmobile team members’ eyes are on the SAE Clean Snowmobile Challenge, an international, six-day competition in Michigan from …Continue reading “Iowa State’s Clean Snowmobile Team gearing up for 2020 competition”