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Funneling Girls into STEM Careers is About Confidence and Curiosity

The Women in Science and Engineering program at Iowa State University was founded 30 years ago in an effort to funnel more young women toward careers in the sciences. Despite programs and efforts, there are still not enough girls getting excited about STEM.

Jun Cui: Magnetic materials and beyond

New MatE professor immersed in research in Ames Upon his arrival in Ames, Jun Cui jumped right into five different areas of research both in the Department of Materials Science and Engineering on campus and with the Materials Science and Engineering Division at the U.S. Department of Energy’s Ames Laboratory. Cui, originally from China, says [Continue Reading…]

Iowa State gears up for second round of Hyperloop competition

A challenge issued by SpaceX and Tesla Motors CEO, Elon Musk, is reaching its final stages. In an attempt to make a more efficient transportation system, Musk issued an open challenge for teams to create a “Hyperloop pod” that can travel 700 mph, making the trip from San Francisco to Los Angeles only 20 minutes [Continue Reading…]

Presidential research initiative builds, advances four big data research teams

The second round of awards from Iowa State University’s Presidential Initiative for Interdisciplinary Research will help build four big data research teams and launch major projects in digital agriculture and intelligent text analysis.

Zhaoyu Wang: Seizing the opportunity

Although Dr. Zhaoyu Wang did not plan to become a professor in power systems and renewable energy, he is grateful for the opportunities that have lead him to Iowa State University. “I only planned to stay in the U.S. for less than a year but I took this offer because I thought it was a [Continue Reading…]

Outreach and mentoring award for Professor Laura Jarboe

Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering professor Dr. Laura Jarboe has received the 2015 Leadership in Outreach & Mentoring Award from Iowa NSF EPSCoR (National Science Foundation Experimental Program to Stimulate Competitive Research). A panel of judges selected Jarboe for the honor, stating they were impressed with her range of activities and achievement in the [Continue Reading…]

Iowa State engineer models heart valves, wind turbines for better designs, performance

Three thin leaflets blew open and blood blasted through an artificial heart valve, the center stream firing reds and yellows, the colors indicating a flow speed up to 125 centimeters per second. When the leaflets slammed shut, the flow turned to light blue eddies, indicating blood flow had nearly stopped.

The Man Who Could Save The Planet

Aerospace Engineering Professor Bong Wie was recently profiled by Tom Lyden of KMSP Fox 9 in Minneapolis for his work with the Iowa State Asteroid Deflection Research Center. Wie, along with several graduate students, have developed a device that could save the planet from an asteroid hurtling towards Earth. The plan is currently under consideration from NASA [Continue Reading…]

Omaha Business Hall of Fame to induct six who worked their way to the top

“When things got tough, you worked your way through it.” Those words come from a 43-year career on the railroad that could apply to any of the six local business leaders who worked their way to the tops of their organizations.

Iowa State engineers build cyber security testbed to help protect the power grid

It’s easy to think of the electrical grid as the power plants, the high voltage lines, the transmission towers, the substations and all the low-voltage distribution lines that bring power to our homes and businesses.An attack on that grid would involve getting out and cutting lines or dropping towers.

How far would YOU go to be an astronaut?

How far would YOU go to be an astronaut?

I Tec alum, Mandara Savage to lead SIU extended campus

Mandara D. Savage, who has served as interim director of Southern Illinois University Carbondale’s Extended Campus since March, is the program’s executive director. Savage, an associate professor and chair in the Department of Technology, began his new duties Jan. 1. Extended Campus provides online and off-campus academic programs. James Allen, associate provost for academic programs, [Continue Reading…]