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Cyclone Engineers develop alternative cooling materials

Iowa State University, the U.S. Department of Energy’s Ames Laboratory, the University of Maryland, and the Colorado School of Mines collaborated on a paper researching a solid-state alternative that can be used to replace vapor-compression cooling technology, making an environmentally friendly material resistant to wear over time.

Frozen in a Flash

Rapid solidification keeps materials on cooling fast track Story originally published by DOE Ames Laboratory.  Cooling materials super-quickly, called rapid solidification, prevents the normal crystalline structures of materials from forming, often creating unique properties in the process. If single crystal growth techniques sit at one end of the materials synthesis spectrum, promoting the growth of …Continue reading “Frozen in a Flash”

Solid-State Processing: New paths to new materials

This feature story was published by Ames Laboratory. Read the original story here.   Creating materials in their solid state can be tricky, but offers some advantages over other methods. It typically involves subjecting the component elements to some type of mechanical force—such as stress, shear or strain—to drive a reaction. “You eliminate the need …Continue reading “Solid-State Processing: New paths to new materials”

Jun Cui: Magnetic materials and beyond

New MatE professor immersed in research in Ames Upon his arrival in Ames, Jun Cui jumped right into five different areas of research both in the Department of Materials Science and Engineering on campus and with the Materials Science and Engineering Division at the U.S. Department of Energy’s Ames Laboratory. Cui, originally from China, says …Continue reading “Jun Cui: Magnetic materials and beyond”