Author: Gillian Mohn

Cyclone Engineers develop alternative cooling materials

Iowa State University, the U.S. Department of Energy’s Ames Laboratory, the University of Maryland, and the Colorado School of Mines collaborated on a paper researching a solid-state alternative that can be used to replace vapor-compression cooling technology, making an environmentally friendly material resistant to wear over time.

Engineering learning communities bring students together

Iowa State’s College of Engineering offers nearly 20 different learning communities to meet the individual needs of incoming, transfer and current engineering students in a variety of majors. Learning communities continue to bring engineering students together in and out of the classroom.

Experiencing leadership and diversity in engineering

The Leadership through Engineering Academic Diversity (LEAD) Program provides programs and services to support the academic, professional and social success and retention of multicultural, international and women students in engineering.

Students collaborating on balloon activity with peer mentor Dominique Serrano

Engineering learning communities bring students together

The Engineering Exploration Learning Community is open to first-year undeclared engineering students. This learning community aims to provide support for more than 300 first-year students each semester as they discover their engineering interests.