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Applications open for Spaceflight Operations Workshop

Clayton Anderson’s 4th Annual Spaceflight Operations Workshop is taking applications now for this summer’s session. August 7-14, experience a truly unique workshop that gives you the knowledge and tools based on exercises similar to those used in actual Astronaut training at NASA’s Johnson Space Center in Houston. Activities include, SCUBA dicing, wilderness survival training, flight …Continue reading “Applications open for Spaceflight Operations Workshop”

Kathryn Thornton lecture inspires STEM students, space lovers

By Jill O’Brien. This article was published on Click here to read the article in its entirety.  As part of the Women’s Leadership Series, Kathryn Thornton spoke about her time working for NASA on Monday night in the Sun Room of the Memorial Union. Thornton worked at NASA for 12 years, participating in three …Continue reading “Kathryn Thornton lecture inspires STEM students, space lovers”

Clayton Anderson films educational YouTube clip on glaciers in Ashland

As an astronaut traveling high above space, Clayton Anderson saw a view of glaciers that few of us will ever experience. On Saturday, the retired astronaut was back home in Ashland filming a segment about glaciers and how they are formed that will be used next year as part of a online project for children. …Continue reading “Clayton Anderson films educational YouTube clip on glaciers in Ashland”

Michaela Antolak: ‘If I can’t be an astronaut, I’ll build the rockets’

A strict series of physical requirements must be met in order to earn the coveted position of a NASA astronaut: 20/20 corrected vision, 140/90 blood pressure, and a height between 62 and 75 inches. At 5 feet tall, only two inches separated Michaela Antolak from her lifelong dream. Growing up near the Johnson Space Center, …Continue reading “Michaela Antolak: ‘If I can’t be an astronaut, I’ll build the rockets’”

LAUNCH PAD: Astronaut Mentors ISU Students

Retired astronaut Clayton Anderson is the only professor in the state who has been 220 miles above the classroom that he now teaches in, and it all started with a master’s in aerospace engineering degree at Iowa State University. Those who doubted Anderson would make it to the stars can only dream of seeing the world …Continue reading “LAUNCH PAD: Astronaut Mentors ISU Students”

CoE alum confident NASA will rebound from ‘limbo’

Iowa State grad Clayton Anderson says the United States will eventually put people on Mars. NASA will fight through its current budget- and politics-inspired malaise to continue space station missions and build toward a trip to Mars, a now-grounded Iowa State University-educated astronaut predicted Thursday. Astronaut Clayton Anderson, who spent five months on the International …Continue reading “CoE alum confident NASA will rebound from ‘limbo’”

Astronaut Clayton Anderson to speak on November 3

Thursday, November 3, 2011 5:00 – 6:00 p.m. Alliant Energy-Lee Liu Auditorium The End Becomes the Beginning Astronaut and Iowa State alum Clayton Anderson will share his experiences on his last mission, STS131, and his thoughts on what the future may hold for him and the U.S. Space Program. A veteran of two space flights, …Continue reading “Astronaut Clayton Anderson to speak on November 3”

AerE alum returns to space

NASA astronaut and Iowa State University AerE alum Clay Anderson has been named to the crew of the space shuttle Discovery for a mission to the International Space Station early next year. This will be Anderson’s second assignment in space, following a five-month stint onboard the International Space Station in 2007.