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Serving his country by teaching armed service members

Ben McFarland was inspired by the good teachers he had as a student at Iowa State University and now he’s looking to pay it forward in his capacity as a college instructor. McFarland grew up in Nevada, Iowa and developed an interest in STEM at an early age because of his father, Pat, who worked …Continue reading “Serving his country by teaching armed service members”

Engineering and the art of communication

It can be challenging to understand technologies that most of us don’t interact with routinely. They can be complex, arcane and hard to access in our time-constricted lives. Yet, as the recent Texas energy debacle demonstrates, it’s important. One Iowa State University alum has made a career of making an important energy technology – nuclear …Continue reading “Engineering and the art of communication”

Summer program opened door to nuclear industry for alum

While some high school students attend summer camp to enjoy the great outdoors, one Iowa State University alum attended a different kind of summer camp to learn about nuclear engineering and it ended up having a profound impact on her professional development. Lora Drenth grew up on a farm in northwest Iowa. As a junior …Continue reading “Summer program opened door to nuclear industry for alum”

From Nicaragua to Senegal, ME alum is helping around the world

Helping people has always been a personal mission of Iowa State alum Patrick Ward. It was part of the reason he chose to study mechanical engineering. It was part of the reason he traveled abroad to Nicaragua as a student. And now it is part of the reason he left his full-time engineering job to …Continue reading “From Nicaragua to Senegal, ME alum is helping around the world”

Former IMSE department chair returns to campus for lecture

Even though the university’s homecoming events do not kick off until October 20, Way Kuo will be making a homecoming of his own earlier in the month. Kuo, who currently serves as president and university distinguished professor at the City University of Hong Kong, will return to Iowa State University on October 2 to present …Continue reading “Former IMSE department chair returns to campus for lecture”

Student Innovation Center construction crew building a common ground for collaboration

The Student Innovation Center construction crew is not only building a structure, but a common ground for teams to collaborate and innovate – a glass building with the ability to let light and new ideas shine through. Construction began in March 2017 and is scheduled to be completed in early 2020, and features a unique design with unique construction challenges.

AerE alumnus’s career spans three engineering disciplines

Over the years things change and evolve, but one Iowa State grad stayed true to his roots and found his place in academia. From aerospace to nuclear to mechanical, Gary Pertmer (BS’71 aerospace engineering) has spent more than 40 years blurring boundaries in the engineering field. “Engineering teaches you how to solve problems,” he says. …Continue reading “AerE alumnus’s career spans three engineering disciplines”

CoE course hosts nuclear energy group

Clean Energy America, a national speakers program designed to establish a dialogue with American citizens about the benefits of nuclear energy as a clean, reliable, and affordable source of energy, was on Iowa State’s campus Wednesday, October 19. Chuck Conlen, director of strategy, mergers, and acquisitions for DTE Energy, represented Clean Energy America during a …Continue reading “CoE course hosts nuclear energy group”

Nuclear energy industry continues on

It has been four months since a massive earthquake and tsunami rocked Japan’s Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant, resulting in what is being called the second largest nuclear accident in history. The complex nature of nuclear energy and concerns of radiation exposure have left people across the world fearful of the power source, some even …Continue reading “Nuclear energy industry continues on”

Harding to appear on the Discovery Channel

Margaret Harding (NucE’81) will be featured on the Discovery Channel’s show “Nuclear Nightmare: Japan in Crisis.” The show will run April 28, at 10:00 p.m.; April 29, at 1:00 a.m.; and May 11, at 11:00 a.m. The program will provide a comprehensive timeline of the unthinkable natural disaster that triggered a nuclear crisis at Fukushima Daiichi, …Continue reading “Harding to appear on the Discovery Channel”

Engineering company donates $5,000 to college

The Black & Veatch Corporation recently donated $5,000 to the College of Engineering through its Building a World of Difference Foundation. The check was presented at this spring’s Engineering Career Fair by Jeff Kloster and the Black & Veatch college recruiting team. Ron Cox, associate dean for extension, accepted the check on the college’s behalf. …Continue reading “Engineering company donates $5,000 to college”