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ME alum Edgar Stanton helped to lead Iowa State through 1918 flu pandemic

More than a century ago, Iowa State’s campus grappled with a pandemic that it had never seen before. In August 1918, a Spanish flu outbreak hit at a time when the world was already engulfed in the final months the First World War. Even Ames, Iowa, saw the economic and cultural impact caused by both …Continue reading “ME alum Edgar Stanton helped to lead Iowa State through 1918 flu pandemic”

Eloise (Heckert) Lantz – ISU’s First Female Member of Pi Tau Sigma

This article is part of a series of stories for Women’s History Month. To learn about other pioneering female engineers from Iowa State, click here. Eloise Heckert, a 1946 graduate of mechanical engineering, was the first female member of Iowa State’s chapter of Pi Tau Sigma, the honorary mechanical engineering fraternity, at a time when few …Continue reading “Eloise (Heckert) Lantz – ISU’s First Female Member of Pi Tau Sigma”

Iowa State agriculture and biosystems engineering program ranked No. 1 in nation

Iowa State’s agricultural and biosystems engineering program was ranked first in the nation, according to the 2017 U.S. News and World Report on university graduate programs. Steven Mickelson, chair of the agriculture and biosystems engineering program, discussed the significant change that placed the department at the top of the nation’s graduate program ranking.

Freeman, Faculty Senate approves letter to Board of Regents

The Faculty Senate met Tuesday for the first time this semester and focused on discussions surrounding the new University of Iowa president, as well as hearing a presentation related to Information Technology security on campus. Before the minutes from the last meeting were even voted on, the senate voted to suspend its rules and talk …Continue reading “Freeman, Faculty Senate approves letter to Board of Regents”

Students showcase research, projects at symposium

Iowa State’s ninth annual Undergraduate Research and Creative Expression Symposium took place Tuesday in the Pioneer Room of the Memorial Union. The symposium included 49 majors, 145 students and 113 presentations of research projects undergraduate students have been developing. The event is coordinated by the honors program to showcase various types of research from undergraduate students. It …Continue reading “Students showcase research, projects at symposium”

Graduate students present clean energy product at Clean Energy Challenge

ISU graduate students spent Tuesday, April 14, in Chicago to present their product ARTichar, a renewable activated carbon used for water filtration, at the Clean Energy Challenge. The six students represent Advanced Renewable Technology International, a company that was founded in 2013 by ISU students. Bernardo del Campo and Matthew Kieffer, both graduate students in mechanical …Continue reading “Graduate students present clean energy product at Clean Energy Challenge”

Haircuts to fundraise for homeless shelter

Many would not consider another’s outrageous styling suggestions when it comes to getting a haircut, but for three ISU students, there will be no shame when it comes to styling their hair for charity. Chris Grow, Eric Anderson and Christopher Hoffman are currently sporting full beards and luscious locks, only to be trimmed and clipped …Continue reading “Haircuts to fundraise for homeless shelter”

Ames EcoFair welcomes unique environmental businesses

The city of Ames held its first annual EcoFair, formerly the Energy Fair, on Saturday to give Ames residents the chance to learn more about water conservation, reducing electric consumption, Energy Star appliances and other environmental issues. Participants at this years’ EcoFair had the opportunity to talk with city of Ames staff, interact with vendors …Continue reading “Ames EcoFair welcomes unique environmental businesses”

ISU students have opportunity to learn about, care for baby horses at horse farm

After a few clumsy steps, Quency collapsed into the straw and immediately fell asleep, her mother standing over her protectively. Quency was born Monday morning — the 17th foal to be born this spring at the Iowa State Horse Farm. The university houses up to 65 horses at a time, including babies, yearlings, broodmares and …Continue reading “ISU students have opportunity to learn about, care for baby horses at horse farm”

Daily reporter gets hacked

One hour is how long it could take for my identity to be stolen. And that’s how long it took three graduate students to create a website façade that would allow them to see the password that could lead them to my social security number, my identity. With today’s push in mobile technology, people may …Continue reading “Daily reporter gets hacked”

Video game industry is more than just a degree

What does it take to make it in the video game industry? Everything and nothing. Keith Fuller, head of Fuller Game Productions, spoke to a full room of game developing hopefuls about the ups and downs of the industry. Fuller suggested that an education alone is no longer enough to assure professional success. “Start forging …Continue reading “Video game industry is more than just a degree”

Deconstruction of 93-year-old Davidson Hall begins

Davidson Hall, the former home of the Department of Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering, is being demolished after 93 years. Most of the furniture in the building is being recycled, but some has been donated to Habitat for Humanity. “They had a lot of chalkboards and cabinets that were donated,” said Merry Rankin, director of sustainability. …Continue reading “Deconstruction of 93-year-old Davidson Hall begins”

Engineering students take part in 2015 Raw Midwest Powerlifting Championship

Several members of the ISU weight club will travel to Dubuque, Iowa to join about 70 lifters from across the Midwest at the 2015 Raw Midwest Powerlifting Championship on Jan. 31 to Feb. 1.  “Some of our lifters will potentially break some lifting records for this particular federation of powerlifting.  Others will simply be trying …Continue reading “Engineering students take part in 2015 Raw Midwest Powerlifting Championship”