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ME alum Edgar Stanton helped to lead Iowa State through 1918 flu pandemic

More than a century ago, Iowa State’s campus grappled with a pandemic that it had never seen before. In August 1918, a Spanish flu outbreak hit at a time when the world was already engulfed in the final months the First World War. Even Ames, Iowa, saw the economic and cultural impact caused by both …Continue reading “ME alum Edgar Stanton helped to lead Iowa State through 1918 flu pandemic”

Liggett Family Legacy – Part I: John T. Liggett

A 1999 article in Visions magazine, produced by the Iowa State University Alumni Association, informed many aspects of the reporting in this four-part series When John Thomas Liggett completed his degree in mechanical engineering at Iowa State in 1917, he had no idea he was starting what would become a family tradition. Since then, three …Continue reading “Liggett Family Legacy – Part I: John T. Liggett”

MEs who gave the ultimate sacrifice

This Memorial Day, we would like to recognize the mechanical engineering students and alumni who have given the ultimate sacrifice while serving their country. All of the names on this list are also inscribed on the walls of the Gold Star Hall inside the Memorial Union.   World War I Pvt. Harold Allen – Harold …Continue reading “MEs who gave the ultimate sacrifice”