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Engineering and the art of communication

It can be challenging to understand technologies that most of us don’t interact with routinely. They can be complex, arcane and hard to access in our time-constricted lives. Yet, as the recent Texas energy debacle demonstrates, it’s important. One Iowa State University alum has made a career of making an important energy technology – nuclear …Continue reading “Engineering and the art of communication”

Hong receives 2015 Bailey Career Development Award

Wei Hong, associate professor of aerospace engineering, has been named one of two recipients of the 2015 Bailey Career Development Award. Award funding will support his work as detailed in this proposal titled, “Next-generation micro-structured materials through additive manufacturing”. “I would like to express my gratitude to the award committee. The support provided by the award …Continue reading “Hong receives 2015 Bailey Career Development Award”

The vast opportunities of an engineer

Finding success in the energy industry and now pursuing a career in the audio industry, David Slump’s determined attitude and need for constant challenge demonstrates that engineers can find opportunities in non-traditional places. Growing up outside Chicago, Slump knew he wanted to attend a university that offered a hands-on engineering experience. Iowa State offered him …Continue reading “The vast opportunities of an engineer”