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Engineering and the art of communication

It can be challenging to understand technologies that most of us don’t interact with routinely. They can be complex, arcane and hard to access in our time-constricted lives. Yet, as the recent Texas energy debacle demonstrates, it’s important. One Iowa State University alum has made a career of making an important energy technology – nuclear …Continue reading “Engineering and the art of communication”

Summer program opened door to nuclear industry for alum

While some high school students attend summer camp to enjoy the great outdoors, one Iowa State University alum attended a different kind of summer camp to learn about nuclear engineering and it ended up having a profound impact on her professional development. Lora Drenth grew up on a farm in northwest Iowa. As a junior …Continue reading “Summer program opened door to nuclear industry for alum”

Harding recognized by American Nuclear Society

Margaret Harding received a Presidential Citation from the American Nuclear Society (ANS) for her contributions to the society during the incident in Fukushima, Japan, ANS President Eric P. Loewen, PhD, announced last week. In discussing the presentation of the Citation, Loewen said, “Harding worked tirelessly during the crisis in order to help the society dispel …Continue reading “Harding recognized by American Nuclear Society”

Iowa State’s American Nuclear Society stresses nuclear energy’s positives

Iowa State’s American Nuclear Society strives to advocate the potential of nuclear energy, bringing in various guest speakers to their meetings and taking trips to nuclear power plants. The group was recognized last semester as an active student organization, introducing the nuclear engineering minor into the Iowa State curriculum. Leaders of the group, including its …Continue reading “Iowa State’s American Nuclear Society stresses nuclear energy’s positives”