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Guest post: Disruptive technologies … implications on education

David Slump (BSEE’91) is executive vice president and president of automotive services for HARMAN. In this guest blog post, he talks about ways educational programs can provide students with the skills they need to navigate the world of ever-changing technology.   Since 1965, we have continued to see Moore’s Law actualized well beyond semi-conductors, impacting …Continue reading “Guest post: Disruptive technologies … implications on education”

HARMAN and Iowa State University host an “Innovative” event

Written by Joanna Pisani, Global Manager, Internal Communications, HARMAN Innovation was the theme of the evening at the HARMAN / Iowa State University event that took place November 6 at the NYC Flagship location. Hosted by EVP & President of Automotive Services David Slump and Iowa State University College of Engineering Dean Sarah Rajala, the …Continue reading “HARMAN and Iowa State University host an “Innovative” event”

The vast opportunities of an engineer

Finding success in the energy industry and now pursuing a career in the audio industry, David Slump’s determined attitude and need for constant challenge demonstrates that engineers can find opportunities in non-traditional places. Growing up outside Chicago, Slump knew he wanted to attend a university that offered a hands-on engineering experience. Iowa State offered him …Continue reading “The vast opportunities of an engineer”