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Kothari working on Android malware with help from DARPA

By Michael Still Your phone isn’t safe. Believe it or not, there was a time before voice command and GPS tracking when a phone was just a phone. Software plays a major role in making our phones do what they do which impacts in the way we live, work, and play. As a result, our safety …Continue reading “Kothari working on Android malware with help from DARPA”

An app for students, by students

Thanks to the efforts of several students, the College of Engineering (CoE), and the Government of the Student Body (GSB), finding classes, catching CyRide, and staying connected to Iowa State via social media is now much easier for mobile device users. These features, along with other useful tools for Iowa State students, are available in …Continue reading “An app for students, by students”

ISU professor takes on threat of espionage via hacked smartphones

By Hannah Furfaro Staff Writer Ames Tribune In his office on the Iowa State University campus Thursday, professor Suraj “Suresh” Kothari didn’t hesitate to talk about the realities of cyber warfare. It’s not exactly dinner-table conversation, but cyber insecurity is bearing down on everyone from company CEOs to generals at U.S. military bases overseas. Recent …Continue reading “ISU professor takes on threat of espionage via hacked smartphones”

College of Engineering debuts app for Iowa State students

Students can now download to their phones an app that is the product of the ISU College of Engineering. This app was thought up by a group of students in a senior-level computer engineering class and created by a freshman in his dorm room. The official College of Engineering app debuted on Jan. 4. There …Continue reading “College of Engineering debuts app for Iowa State students”

Kothari to develop malware detection tool for Android phones

Suraj Kothari, professor of electrical and computer engineering, is leading a research project that will increase the security of Android phones. Funded by a $4.1 million, 3.5-year grant from the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), the project’s objective is to develop a tool to detect malware placed unknowingly within applications on the mobile devices. …Continue reading “Kothari to develop malware detection tool for Android phones”

College of Engineering app for iPhone is available

Download the official ISU CoE app for your iPhone today! The app includes news, videos, campus maps, laundry info, and computer lab searching, and is the only officially sanctioned CyRide app available. The Android version of the app will be available soon.

There’s an App for us

The engineering college has a very broad constituency – current and prospective students and their families, employers in business and industry, Iowans, government entities, other educational institutions, and alumni – to mention just a few. While our daily energy is focused on educating students and engineering innovation, we know that you are interested in staying …Continue reading “There’s an App for us”