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An app for students, by students

Thanks to the efforts of several students, the College of Engineering (CoE), and the Government of the Student Body (GSB), finding classes, catching CyRide, and staying connected to Iowa State via social media is now much easier for mobile device users. These features, along with other useful tools for Iowa State students, are available in …Continue reading “An app for students, by students”

College of Engineering debuts app for Iowa State students

Students can now download to their phones an app that is the product of the ISU College of Engineering. This app was thought up by a group of students in a senior-level computer engineering class and created by a freshman in his dorm room. The official College of Engineering app debuted on Jan. 4. There …Continue reading “College of Engineering debuts app for Iowa State students”

Engineering expert reflects on Steve Jobs’ contributions to computer engineering

Iowa State University was home to the first computer which was completed back in 1942. But professors there say it wasSteve Jobs’ vision many years later that turned the computer from a novelty into a product the general public found useful. “Apple has really had a major role in that evolution,” said Dr. Doug Jacobson, …Continue reading “Engineering expert reflects on Steve Jobs’ contributions to computer engineering”

AirPad receives gift from Rockwell Collins

AirPad, the Aerial Imaging Reconnaissance Program for Agricultural Development, will soon be able to reach a major milestone thanks to a significant gift from Rockwell Collins. The program is planning to design, build, and test an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) for agricultural remote sensing in developing parts of the world. “We have started fabricating a concept model, and this …Continue reading “AirPad receives gift from Rockwell Collins”

Engineering faculty, students featured in iPhone app report

Eliot Winer, Brandon Newendorp, and Tyler Streeter were recently featured in a KCCI news report on the ever-increasing number of applications for the iPhone and iPod touch. Winer, an associate professor in mechanical engineering (ME), spoke to the convenience of using different applications on the phone, as well as the dependency users can develop. Newendorp, a …Continue reading “Engineering faculty, students featured in iPhone app report”