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MyState updates streamline ISU campus navigation

The ISU MyState app has been updated and made faster and smoother for convenience. The original app started off as a college of engineering development team project and kept growing and evolving, but was never as efficient as it could have been, said Travis Ballstadt, digital media coordinator for the College of Engineering. During the …Continue reading “MyState updates streamline ISU campus navigation”

Mobile app provides campus tools

Written by Erin Rosacker, Inside Iowa State A completely revamped version of the MyState mobile application for Mac and Android devices rolled out this spring and summer, giving campus newcomers (and veterans) upgraded digital tools in the palm of their hands. “Because of the way the app evolved and grew over time, it was due …Continue reading “Mobile app provides campus tools”

MyState app offers improved functionality for ISU students

The Iowa State Daily takes a look at MyState – the app recently released for students to help them navigate Iowa State’s campus. It features a variety of tools, including access to news, events, laundry information, CyRide routes, and computer lab schedules. MyState is powered by the the College of Engineering in partnership with the Government of the Student …Continue reading “MyState app offers improved functionality for ISU students”

An app for students, by students

Thanks to the efforts of several students, the College of Engineering (CoE), and the Government of the Student Body (GSB), finding classes, catching CyRide, and staying connected to Iowa State via social media is now much easier for mobile device users. These features, along with other useful tools for Iowa State students, are available in …Continue reading “An app for students, by students”