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College of Engineering 2020 faculty and staff awards winners

College of Engineering faculty and staff have been named winners of 2020 college awards, honoring their outstanding accomplishments and contributions:

Early Achievement in Research
Ming-Chen Hsu, associate professor of mechanical engineering

Mid-Career Achievement in Research
Aditya Ramamoorthy, professor of electrical and computer engineering

Early Achievement in Teaching – Tenure Track
Benjamin Ahn, assistant professor of aerospace engineering
Kaoru Ikuma, assistant professor of civil, construction and environmental engineering

Early Achievement in Teaching – Term
Mohamed Selim, assistant teaching professor of electrical and computer engineering

Outstanding Achievement in Teaching
Laura Jarboe, associate professor of chemical and biological engineering

Excellence in Foundational Course Teaching
Julie Rursch, associate teaching professor of electrical and computer engineering

Early Achievement in Advising
Aliza MacKenzie, academic advisor, mechanical engineering

Outstanding Achievement in Advising
Lindsay Frueh, academic advisor, agricultural and biosystems engineering

Excellence in Extension and/or Outreach Staff
Anne Kimber, program manager, Electric Power Research Center

Inclusive Excellence – Faculty
James Wright, associate teaching professor of agricultural and biosystems engineering

Inclusive Excellence – Staff
Kristin Clague, communications specialist, college communications

Outstanding New Staff
Carolyn Riedel, teaching laboratory coordinator, aerospace engineering

Staff Excellence
Krista Briley, administrative specialist, industrial and manufacturing systems engineering

Honorees will receive their awards at the annual College of Engineering convocation in the fall.