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Soft, porous microelectrodes to better understand TBI mechanisms

Iowa State University’s Department of Mechanical Engineering (ME) Associate Professor and CoMFRE affiliate Nicole Hashemi has received over $600,000 grants from the Office of Naval Research and a $225,000 award from the National Science Foundation (NSF) to conduct research to better understand mechanisms of injury from mechanical forces in TBI.

Hands-on research experience sets course for aerospace career

Andy Hammer, senior in aerospace engineering, reached out right away in their first year to Kristin-Yvonne Rozier, Building a World of Difference Faculty Fellow and associate professor in aerospace engineering, about getting hands-on reseasrch experience in with Rozier’s lab. Three years later and not only is Hammer an experienced undergraduate research student in Rozier’s lab, now they are working on an independent project with Rozier’s mentorship – setting Hammer on the path to an exciting future career in aerospace engineering research.