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A search engine for code

Kathryn Stolee’s Satsy could revolutionize the way amateur (and professional) coders search. By Michael Still Writing software is kind of like solving a puzzle,” said Kathryn Stolee, the Harpole-Pentair Assistant Professor of Software Engineering. Any programmer who has suffered long hours in search of missing code can an attest to this analogy. But now, thanks …Continue reading “A search engine for code”

Young engineering couple thrives in Silicon Valley

When Keegan and Melissa (Wiechert) Gartner met on the HABET (High Altitude Balloon Experiments in Technology) team at Iowa State, they were both undergrads studying engineering. Keegan was working toward a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering while Melissa was earning hers in aerospace engineering. The couple came to know each other through mutual friends, and …Continue reading “Young engineering couple thrives in Silicon Valley”

Real-world experience from Capstone Design

At the College of Engineering, offering students real-world experience is a top priority. In addition to encouraging the over 80 percent of students who complete an internship or co-op, the college requires students to take Capstone Design, providing excellent hands-on opportunities that prepare them to work in industry. Capstone Design was created to bring together …Continue reading “Real-world experience from Capstone Design”

Jacobson adds information security insight to Viewpoints interview

During a recent Viewpoints segment about Google, Doug Jacobson, Professor of Electrical  and Computer Engineering and Director of the Information Assurance Center, discussed how Google can seemingly know where you are located during searches by evaluating the address your computer uses when it connects to the Internet. He also discussed how companies can’t tie your …Continue reading “Jacobson adds information security insight to Viewpoints interview”