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Eco-friendly lighting improves research facilities at CCEE

Sustainable LED lights increase reliability of tests while reducing energy consumption and creating safer work environment Picture this: you are in a research lab working on an experiment. The results are crucial to your work. You want be as precise as possible, right? Recent updates to three different research areas of Town Engineering Building will …Continue reading “Eco-friendly lighting improves research facilities at CCEE”

Students win awards for sustainability projects

Several engineering students affiliated with the Bioeconomy Institute were among those recognized with Live Green Awards for Excellence in Sustainability at the Symposium for Sustainability held in February at Iowa State University. One award went to a group building biochar systems for emerging economies, while another was given to the “BioBus” team that creates biodiesel for Iowa …Continue reading “Students win awards for sustainability projects”

Engineering receives Building Efficiency Award

At this year’s Sustainapalooza, the College of Engineering was recognized for the best reduction of energy use since 2008. Marston hall, which houses the college’s administrative offices and several classrooms, showed a cumulative decrease in British thermal unit (Btu) consumption of 61.84 percent over the three-year period. In 2008, Marston used 14,102,678,880 Btus of energy …Continue reading “Engineering receives Building Efficiency Award”

More than lab work

Two themes that I’ve emphasized as dean are collaboration and sustainability. While it’s not difficult to imagine that those two concepts are closely related, to see them resonate well in a single project is truly gratifying. The project, in this case, is a $2 million renovation of research labs in the 1964 wing of Sweeney …Continue reading “More than lab work”