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Engineering receives Building Efficiency Award

At this year’s Sustainapalooza, the College of Engineering was recognized for the best reduction of energy use since 2008.

Marston hall, which houses the college’s administrative offices and several classrooms, showed a cumulative decrease in British thermal unit (Btu) consumption of 61.84 percent over the three-year period.

In 2008, Marston used 14,102,678,880 Btus of energy to heat, cool, and supply electricity to users of the building. After making significant changes such as replacing windows, Marston energy consumption fell to 6,128,368,480 Btus in 2009. In 2010, usage stayed about the same at 6,327,662,080 Btus, and then decreased again in 2011 to 5,381,710,280 Btus.

The additional drops in energy consumption come from smaller, everyday changes like reduced lighting and plug load usage as well as from changes to building mechanical systems.

Held on February 28, 2012, “Sustainapalooza: Celebrating our Cardinal, Gold and Green!” celebrated, recognized, and reflected on the many accomplishments that have taken place since former Iowa State President Geoffroy began the Live Green! initiative in 2008.

This was the first year a cumulative winner for the Building Efficiency Award was recognized.

The Sustainapalooza featured a Live Green! Carpet; the Wall of Cardinal, Gold, and Green; Empowering Stations; a Poster Session; and the “Greening Our Legacy Tree”. The event was sponsored by the Live Green! initiative, the university-wide Council on Sustainability, and The Green Umbrella, which coordinates events and collaboration among sustainability-minded student groups.