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Kothari transforms software analysis

Devices like cell phones and appliances usually operate hassle-free, but when the software in them malfunctions it is often an added expense and headache. Similar software is now present in cars, airplanes, and spacecrafts, but if the software components in those vehicles are not reliable, the result can be devastating—the potential loss of millions of …Continue reading “Kothari transforms software analysis”

Aerospace engineer partners with Goodrich to advance fuel nozzle diagnostic systems

Hui Hu, an Iowa State University associate professor of aerospace engineering, is working with engineers from the Goodrich Corp. to test and characterize the next generation of fuel nozzles. The joint project is supported by a $78,305 grant from the Grow Iowa Values Fund, a state economic development program. Read the full story.

Research updates

In the past few months, College of Engineering researchers on three projects—one on novel nanovaccines, one on new wind turbine structures, and another on energy and transportation infrastructure planning—have reached key milestones in their research. Here are some highlights: Making one-dose, needle-free nanovaccines for infectious diseases Can you imagine a world where diseases such as …Continue reading “Research updates”

Four engineering researchers among those awarded state-funded grants

College of Engineering researchers Ayman Fayed, assistant professor of electrical and computer engineering; Sri Sritharan, Wilson Engineering Professor of civil, construction and environmental engineering; Hui Hu, associate professor of aerospace engineering; and Suraj Kothari, professor of electrical and computer engineering, were among those awarded 10 competitive grants totaling $942,389 from Iowa State University’s $1.459 million …Continue reading “Four engineering researchers among those awarded state-funded grants”