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ISU CCEE associate professor works with Science Journal for Kids to educate young STEM enthusiasts about bed bug infestations

Creepy crawly bed bugs are the stuff of homeowner nightmares. ISU CCEE’s Chris Rehmann has been working with a team of researchers to explore the best practices to help both landlords and tenants deal with this pest. In a recent edition of Science Journal for Kids, Rehmann’s work was featured.

Trusted advisor, strong example: Rehmann wins ISUAA Faculty-Staff Inspiration Award

Chris Rehmann, associate professor of civil, construction and environmental engineering, received an Iowa State University Alumni Association Faculty-Staff Inspiration Award, which honors faculty or staff that have had a significant influence in the lives of Iowa State students.

Researchers mix data, engagement to develop plan for Squaw Creek

Following the exceptional amount of rain at the beginning of the summer, Squaw Creek was running fast and high through Ames just weeks ago. William Gutowski, professor of geological and atmospheric sciences, has teamed up with a group of researchers from the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences and the College of Engineering to make …Continue reading “Researchers mix data, engagement to develop plan for Squaw Creek”

A shift in expectations

The Iowa State College of Engineering’s career services team is helping students gain a better understanding of the growing expectations employers have for engineering students. As the number of employers looking to hire engineers continues to rise, so do expectations of graduates, causing a shift in skills demand. This shift, which became evident just a …Continue reading “A shift in expectations”