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Olson receives Brown Graduate Fellowship

Emily Olson, a graduate student in the Department of Materials Science and Engineering, has been selected as a Brown Graduate Fellowship recipient. She is one of thirteen students from across Iowa State University receiving the award of $10,000. The Brown Graduate Fellowship Program encourages research at Iowa State in the areas of study including science, agriculture, and space science.Emily Olson, graduate student in Materials Science and Engineering

Olson’s hometown is Warrens, Wisconsin. She is currently in pursuit of her master’s degree but will soon transition into a Ph.D. program under the guidance of Assistant Professor, Shan Jiang. Her research focus in Professor Jiang’s group is on Janus particle self-assembly. She is also working on a project in food packaging in collaboration with the Center for Bioplastics and Biocomposites (CB2).

“I am quite excited to receive this fellowship because it will allow me to further explore my interests in polymers, more specifically, particle self-assembly. Additionally, this fellowship will grant me the capability to collaborate with other groups on and off campus to advance my research,” said Olson.

Professor Jiang said, “As Emily’s advisor, I am impressed by her hard-working attitude in both research and coursework. She is also very friendly and works well with the team. This fellowship will definitely help Emily make a smooth transition to a Ph.D. program and advance research projects here at ISU.”