Birds-eye view of agriculture

Matt Darr, an associate professor of agricultural and biosystems engineering at Iowa State University, called UAVs a “bleeding-edge technology” with great potential in agriculture. And faculty and students at Iowa State are playing a multifaceted role in advancing this emerging technology, he says. Iowa State engineers are developing software to make UAVs smarter and faster at … Continue reading Birds-eye view of agriculture

Soil to space

Amy Kaleita, associate professor of agricultural and biosystems engineering, has many reasons for working with remote sensing. “I got into sensors because I think they’re cool and fun,” she says, “but also as a grad- uate student I did enough field work by hand that I thought, we’d never be able to answer these big questions … Continue reading Soil to space

Monitoring animal health

Researchers are using remote sensing technologies to increase the health and efficiency of livestock production. One of the studies involved tracking chickens to get a sense of the basics for potential cage-free production. How many feeders to provide a cage-
free flock is one of the many production questions that need answering, says Hongwei Xin, director of … Continue reading Monitoring animal health

Creating new worlds to study plant life

“You can observe and measure phenotype, but it has been mostly done manually,” Tang says. “We see more and more automated applications to help scientists collect data. With the Enviratron we can probe the plant with very high precision using the robotic arm’s advanced imaging and sensors.”

Learning and leading by doing

The hands-on nature of the agricultural systems technology major appealed to Colin Connor, and it turned out to provide ample opportunities for leadership development. As a freshman and sophomore, Connor served on committees in the 80-member Agricultural Systems Technology (AST) Club. He became treasurer as a junior and was elected president as a senior last year. “I … Continue reading Learning and leading by doing