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Andersen: Manure is valuable, should be treated like fertilizer

According to Daniel Andersen, assistant professor of agricultural and biosystems engineering at Iowa State University, there is about $24 worth of nutrients in 1,000 gallons of dairy manure. “It has lots of potential value but it’s got to get to the right field at the right time and in the right amount,” he said. “There might …Continue reading “Andersen: Manure is valuable, should be treated like fertilizer”

Andersen explains specific manure concerns to pork producers

Dan Andersen, an ag engineer at Iowa State University, said between 25 and 30 percent of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium needs are provided through manure usage. “We have plenty of room for more,” he told producers at the Iowa Pork Congress here Jan. 25.

Andersen: Workshop offers insight on water quality issues

When Iowans talk about water quality, they sometimes think the major problem is manure. “I’m a big fan of the nutrient reduction strategy,” says Iowa State University Extension Agricultural Engineer Dan Andersen. “I’m not a big fan of when people call it the manure reduction strategy.” Andersen was one of the speakers at a manure management workshop …Continue reading “Andersen: Workshop offers insight on water quality issues”

Facilities, faculty and staff bring Ag and Biosystems Engineering to #1

The U.S. News and World Report named Iowa State’s agricultural and biosystems undergraduate program number one among all national universities and first among public universities this September—a tie with Purdue University. Iowa State was ranked number two last year.

Andersen: Understanding manure flow is a piece of cake

Daniel Andersen, Iowa State University assistant professor in Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering specializing in Manure Management, recently addressed questions of how manure moves through the soil profile in a recent edition of his blog “The Manure Scoop.” Andersen, aka Dr. Manure, explains that there are some factors at play that determine how manure filters down — …Continue reading “Andersen: Understanding manure flow is a piece of cake”