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A scholarship with a purpose for all

Iowa State alumni sponsor students’ interest in engineering  Dale and Jan Johnson knew quiet retirement wasn’t enough for them. For the past eight years, the couple has been investing in relationships with students and a future of engineering. The Johnsons, originally from Marshalltown, Iowa, moved to Mahtomedi, Minnesota, in 1962 after finishing their time at …Continue reading “A scholarship with a purpose for all”

ISU Alumni Association confers awards at Homecoming

Six engineering college alumni receive honors on October 10, 2014. At the 2014 Honors and Awards Ceremony, six distinguished engineering alumni will be recognized by Iowa State University Alumni Association and the College of Engineering. The event, which is celebrating its 83rd year, is open to the public and will be held at Benton Auditorium …Continue reading “ISU Alumni Association confers awards at Homecoming”

An early start to engineering

Somewhere is a community where ideas about designing, creating, and innovating run rampant. Excited preschoolers explore levers, pulleys, and inclined planes. Elementary students study at least one course unit that is all about engineering. Middle and high school students learn about energy and the environment along with aerospace engineering. Somewhere, it turns out, is situated …Continue reading “An early start to engineering”